16 unique restaurant Instagram marketing ideas to boost your sales

Posted by Priya June 29, 2021 Restaurant Marketing

restaurant instagram marketing ideas

Every restaurant owner wishes to promote their business to attract more customers. Restaurant Instagram marketing ideas help you build followers for your social media account. You can determine loyal customers using the 16 creative Instagram marketing ideas.
You might already hold an Instagram account or maybe a new person to a social media account. These restaurant marketing ideas make you high rated on the platform.

How To Increase Instagram Followers For Restaurants?

Marketers claim that people love stories rather than direct advertising content. Well, this applies in the case of restaurant marketing also. Instagram is one of the social media platforms where you can build a brand for your restaurant. 

Here are the Restaurant Instagram marketing ideas you can implement for your restaurant.

Create A Business Account In Instagram

A social media restaurant profile encourages diners to know more about your restaurant. Add your website URL at the top of the business profile. Now your viewers can visit your restaurant website.

Keep your profile public as people who are not your followers can see your posts. Restaurant marketing focuses on the bio section with attractive descriptions. You can distinguish your restaurant from others by creating an enticing profile.

Create Instagram Stories

Stories play an essential role in Instagram restaurant marketing.  Stories are 24-hour clips offering a better navigation experience to the followers.

You can even post special weekly offers and the introduction of team members. Share the best employee of the month, and favorite customer photos on social media. Instagram stories highlight your restaurant at the top of your profile. Thus Instagram stories influence the customer to click and follow your restaurant.

For example, during a festival season or holiday, you can offer a discount on a specific item. Share a post containing offer information to your followers. In such a way, customers rush up to place an order to get the offer.

Make Use Of The Story Polls

Instagram polls help you learn what your customers think about your restaurant. Customers take part in polls and select their favorite cuisines as the answer. Based on the poll results, you can launch the menu item in your restaurant to grab more customers.

The Instagram polls help you stay ahead in the competitive business world. Generally, polling drives more traffic to your restaurant page.

Use Hashtags

You might be well aware of hashtags, and it’s wise to choose the right hashtag for the relevant post. Restaurant Instagram marketing ideas with hashtags will earn more new followers and customers. On average, 12.6% of an Instagram post with one hashtag creates more impact than the other posts. 

Always follow a unique hashtag pattern for your restaurant. This encourages customers to search your restaurant posts quickly and easily. Conduct a hashtag competition with your followers. Customers love to take part in competitions to win gifts from your restaurant.

Remodel Your Space and Dishes Insta-Worthy

You cannot plan for quality shots every time. But your customers can take photos of their dinner evenings or party occasions at any time. So transforming your restaurant with enticing dishes and backdrop decoration becomes imperative. Presenting food on the plate should appeal to the diner, dragging them to taste the food.

Upgrade your restaurant with new decorations, twinkle lights, and fresh flowers on tables. Well, that’s not the end, present your mouth-watering dishes with pleasant music. The appearance of the restaurant encourages customers to place more orders.  In this way, you get free advertising through your followers.

Design A New Backdrop

Customers like to take selfies in photo-worthy spaces which is an undeniable fact. Transform your empty wall by adding a striking wallpaper or your restaurant logo.

Customers prefer restaurants which permit them to take pictures for their Instagram post. Failing to do so forces them to look for an alternative restaurant.

You might get confused about whether a selfie will bring more customers to my restaurant? But the truth is yes. When a customer posts your restaurant image, his followers will receive the notification. Followers may enquire and plan for a romantic meal in your restaurant on their next visit.

Take Snaps Of Attractive Images, Use Stories, And Post!

Posting quality images using filters is one of the best Instagram marketing ideas. Always use the same filter while publishing your restaurant image. Consistency in images leads to increase Instagram followers.

Increase your visibility with restaurant Instagram posts with restaurant logos and impressive words. Frequent visually appetizing Instagram restaurant posts draw more customers to your restaurant page.

Showcase Famous Dishes And Drinks Of Your Restaurant

When you share a popular food item image of your restaurant, it reminds your followers to taste the food. These Instagram restaurant marketing techniques provoke followers to share the dish or drink they had in your restaurant.

 New customers might feel to try out the famous drink of your restaurant by viewing the picture. Remember popular dishes of your restaurant might be a favorite item for any customer. Thus, you drag more audience to your restaurant profile page and posts.

Expose Behind Video And Image Capturing Scenes

Have you ever thought about restaurant branding to temper your customers? Well, that’s possible by showing what happens in your restaurant at the back end.

You can post behind-the-scenes videos to create emotional bonding with the customers. Messages and images in the social media channels move along with the customers. Social media posts give more information about your restaurant. Instead of just selling the food items online.

Customers love to see the videos of working styles and team members of your restaurant. On seeing these videos, your employee understands how their work highlighted. Moreover, it increases the popularity among the customers through Instagram.

Reward Post For Customers

Conduct a contest for customers posting food images of your restaurant. Reward the followers with a free meal for posting your restaurant photographs. You can even offer prizes for regular posting and the best quality picture.

69% of people say that they take pictures of the ordered food before they eat.   Your followers will post the advertising post on behalf of your restaurant. A first-time visitor of your restaurant page gets attracted to the post. Generally, visitors click follow to know more about your restaurant and your specialties. 

Build Restaurant Brand With Gift Cards

During the holidays, festivals, and seasons offer gift cards to customers. Thus Festive occasions drag more customers to your restaurant. Gift cards include T-shirts, coffee mugs with your restaurant logo,  hats, and keychains.


Giveaways engage with your customers and acquire likes, comments, and tags from them. You can ask your followers posting a question like, “how many dishes delivered to the customers today?”.  Upon receiving the best answer, offer the customer a discounted meal or a free coupon card.

Instagram restaurant marketing works best in the case of tags also. You can post an ad like Tag our restaurant, and the 60th person will get a free meal. Besides, you can encourage your followers to hit the like button of your restaurant post. Followers can grab a special discount by clicking the like button.

Collaborate With Influencers

Instagram for food businesses includes influencers and bloggers who suggest restaurants and recipes. Food bloggers, influencers collaborate with you based on marketing budget and goals. Influencers charge per post, and they shout loud for your restaurant marketing. 

A tweet in the influencer’s social media account brings you more customers to your restaurant. If you want to make your online users know about your restaurant, it is better to go with the local influencers.

Motivate Your Customers To Share Your Restaurant Post

Encourage your customers to share and tag your restaurant pictures. Request followers to post your restaurant image as the icon of the city. Offer gift cards to the customers for posting a food picture with the restaurant name.

Incorporate Humor

Are you in the thought process of entering into restaurant marketing? But that does not mean you have to be serious all the time. Even your followers don’t appreciate projecting only serious things. People love to see fun and jokes happen in your restaurant on a rushy evening or a day time.

Take a video to show your employee and how employees treated in your restaurant. Customers prefer to support restaurants that take care of employees. Showcase your restaurant’s valuable moments such as anniversary or founders day.  Now your followers can understand the credibility of the restaurant with increased trust.

Celebrate Milestones

Celebrate your restaurant anniversary by sharing earlier and present-day restaurant photographs. Generally, throwback pictures portray how your restaurant has improved through the years.

You can even share photos of the work anniversary of your restaurant employees. These pictures state how you honor the hard work and loyalty of employees in your restaurant.

Wrap up

Running a restaurant business successfully in the competitive world demands assessing things that revolve around us. Thus Instagram restaurant marketing helps you enhance restaurant visibility with increased sales.

Experts suggest framing the Instagram calendar post ideas for the restaurant. Schedule the post to make a consistent connection with the customers. Advertise your restaurant business with Instagram to increase your followers.  It’s time to grab the lead in the industry now!

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