20 Online Takeaway Promotion Ideas to Boom Your Online Sales

Posted by Priya July 12, 2021 Online Ordering

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The primary goal of every restaurant owner is to grow their sales. Selling the restaurant food to more customers would assist in expanding the business. So increasing the restaurant sales is easily achievable through repetitive customers. Well, restaurant promotions and coupons serve as strong motivators bringing more loyal customers.

Generally, customers look for an opportunity to bargain for the price. Customers search for the best price by navigating through the restaurant list. Online ordering software promotes restaurants by driving up the restaurant brand value among the customers. A tactical marketing strategy expands the customer base that increases sales.

Announce Happy Hour 

Many restaurants offer happy hour discounts on alcoholic drinks and other beverages. Beverage offers are particularly focused between 4 to 6 pm. As a restaurant owner, you know the business is usually slow after the lunch hour.

Happy hour booms up the business motivating the diners to have a drink between 4 and 6 pm i.e. after-work drink every day.

Announce Happy Hour

Takeaway Lunch Special

Improve slow meal hour business with dine-in lunch take-out special. You can provide two or three cuisines at a bargain price. Offer special lunch package discounts, including appetizers and beverages once a week. This promotion idea grows the take-out business even during off-peak hours.

Promote On Social Media With Hashtags

Promote your take-out offerings on social media. In this way, you can increase the awareness of the restaurant brand among the customers.

The restaurant shares its menu with hashtags exclusive to the restaurant. For example, #Take-out Tuesday, or #Sizzling Sunday Offer, or #Jump into the beverage festival. Hashtags increase customer engagement and orders.

When your followers view the restaurant post, they might tag with their friends. Tagging serves as word-of-mouth advertising to other customers.

Special Offers For App Users

A branded mobile app for your restaurant encourages the customer to place an order over the app. Customers can experience the intuitive process of the online ordering platform. You can provide discounts like Grab a 50% discount on the first purchase over the food ordering app.

In-app offers trigger the customer’s interest once they have installed the app. Customers will never miss even a single offer as they keep track of promotions all time.

Redefine Customer Loyalty Program

A restaurant’s business success depends on loyalty points and reward programs. Addressing loyal customers will improve restaurant sales.

Print custom loyalty cards that do not break your budget. For example, collect 9 cards to get your 10th meal free or get free drinks for 7 reward cards. Discounts like grab 10 dollars off on every visit will get you more orders.

Kids Free Meal

Today kids learn in a remote location, and the parents are working in a different location. You can build a kid’s free meal package for the orders placed on the first Monday of a month over specific locations.

Upon implementing this idea, the parents take a break from their normal routine. They may like to feed their kids with special food even though the kids are away from them.

Conduct Contests Often With Giveaways

Restaurants can conduct contests and offer giveaways to increase customer engagement. Contest plans focus on couples, kids, and elders. Post the images of the contest over social media platforms. Restaurant posts boost the restaurant brand image among the customers.

Restaurants provide giveaways if the customer tagged the restaurant post with their friends. Tagged restaurant posts help to expand their customer base. Giveaways support the customer to recognize the restaurant among competitors. So design unique prizes, gift cards, or discounts to add value to the restaurant.

Offer High Deals On Low Sales Days

Restaurateurs often plan for take-out deals and discounts to improve sales. Offering discounts during the peak hours of the restaurant. Certain items have always been highly demanded by the customers.  Providing discounts on high-demand items will affect revenue generation.

To resolve this, restaurants can provide discounts over lunch takeaways. As you know, business is slow at lunchtime rather than on a busy dinner evening.

Advertise New Menu Launch

Launching a new menu depends on how far the menu is promoted among customers. But takeaways are the right strategy to trigger the customer interest to try over the new menu.

Preparing a creative and unique dish occupies the taste buds of the customer at the first try itself. Thus the dish becomes the restaurant’s popular dish preferred by more customers.

Host Discounts Frozen/ Refrigerated Food Items

Not all restaurants need to have the same menu. Restaurateurs can add creative dishes to the menu, such as heat and eat meals. This increases the takeaway sales by distributing the frozen items to massive customers.

Family And Friends Combo Offer

Plan the combo menu that includes healthy soups, salads and low-fat yogurt. A healthy combo menu encourages the customer to place an order for a takeaway meal. Thus, customers will no more consume unhealthy dishes.

70% of restaurants have changed their combo package plan based on recent customer choice trends. An affordable and healthy meal will always remain the first choice for the customer.

Limited Time Offers On Beverages And Drinks

Offer 10 to 30% discounts on takeaway drinks and beverages. On viewing the discounts customers place more orders.

You can also provide a free drink when the customer orders a lunch meal above 50 dollars. You can also offer milkshakes in a combo package for a limited period. Beverage offers stimulate the customer to try different milkshakes without missing the deal.

Daily Deals For Workspaces And Businesses

Focus on local workspaces and businesses to reach more customers with meal discounts. Offer discounts for large lunch takeaway orders placed by the local business. Getting the food at an affordable price encourages them to place orders repetitively. When you continue to do this will help you get contracts to provide food for a long period.

Restaurants must accept large workspace food orders. It generates steady revenue by maintaining a warm relationship with customers.

Themed Dinner Takeaways

Discuss with restaurant chefs to develop brainstorming theme-based takeout and delivery ideas. Restaurants can offer themed takeaway discounts to the customers. For instance, get your medium size pizza free for two big size pizzas, or Feed your thirst with a free drink on a 4 person dinner order, or grab the milkshakes at half price for orders above 5.

Takeaway Menu To Coordinate Seasonal Changes

Add seasonal fruits and vegetables to the takeaway meals. Guests express more interest in trying out the deal today or tomorrow. Seasonal fruits and vegetables will be available at a low price at a particular season.

Thus, offering food at an affordable price benefits the restaurant and the customer.

Offer Discounts to SMS Users

SMS marketing is the traditional method to connect with millennials. SMS communicates with your customer even without an internet connection. Restaurants can collect the phone numbers of customers. You can use these numbers to send SMS about the offers and discounts to boost sales. It is good to give weekly takeaway offers for the customers included in the SMS list.

Encourage Repetitive Customers With Special Offers

Customers will place more future orders when they receive satisfied restaurant service. But providing special offers for repeat customers like takeaway free fries on Friday. Offers such as grab your beer at 1.50 dollars will make them understand the value of the order in the restaurant. Customers will prefer your restaurant more than the other restaurants.


Implementing the above-discussed ideas helps in moving forward towards the take-out sales. Add creativity to the promotion ideas grabs the customer’s attention online. Thereby the customer places more orders over the online food ordering systems. Want to see the guaranteed revenue generation? Start executing your restaurant promotion ideas right now.

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