9 Simple Ways To Boost Online Orders For Your Restaurant

Posted by Priya October 4, 2021 Restaurant Marketing

Boost Online Orders For Your Restaurant

A friend of mine is a restaurant owner carrying out the restaurant business well.  But still, he looks for a better way to increase the sales for the restaurant. 

Over a period of time, he got to know about the right solution and what he has to do for his business. Check out 13 ways to increase restaurant sales.

Offer Exclusive Discounts To Customers

Offer 20% to 30% discounts on certain food dishes on special occasions. For example, give a discount price for a strawberry milkshake on weekends. 

Offer Exclusive Discounts To Customers

Many restaurants have tried half-off appetizers, which help in bringing more diners to the restaurant. Assure that your discounts and offers reach your customers on time to boost online food ordering of your restaurant.

Use Coupon Codes For Restaurant Promotions

When you offer a coupon in front of the new customer, it gives him the best impression at the first time itself. Coupons drive more customers to your restaurant on weekends and holidays.

You can get a chance to gather the contact details of the customer through coupons. It helps you in establishing a direct relationship with the customer.

Enrich Your Restaurant Menu

Structure your restaurant menu based on the popularity of the food and match the price points according to the competitors. Now your customers can easily navigate the food items. Optimizing your menu enables the customer to place the order quickly. 

Keep track of new trendy food menus to attract new customers to your restaurant. Adding an image to your menu card triggers the interest of the customer leading to increase restaurant sales.

Link Your Restaurant With Social Media Channels

We are on a day where people keep scrolling their mobile phones. Now, this enforces you to link your restaurant with social media channels to increase your restaurant food ordering. 

A  statistics report that 49% of people search on social media platforms to find out about the restaurant.

You should know the best user visiting times of social media platforms. Analyze your restaurant traffic and post at the right time. Use social media channels effectively to boost your restaurant’s promotional activities.

Motivate Customers To Download Your Restaurant App 

There are numerous ways to increase online sales for your restaurant, but the best way is through your employees. Ask your employees to promote the restaurant app among customers. 

Employees should explain the easy ordering and check-out features of your app to the customers to order online. Conduct email campaigns to approach your customers to give a new sparkling perspective of your restaurant.

Hassle-free checkout process

An online ordering system enables the customer to add the food items to their cart quickly and easily. The customer can choose his favorite item and add it to the cart. He/she can place the order later with a single click.

Support Offline Promotion

The first step to promote your app is through word of mouth by your employees promoting the bill counters and phone calls. You can add your app details in the bill receipts, flyers, and posters, enabling your customer to be aware of the app. 

Create attractive food packages containing the essential information about your online ordering app. You can even drop a personalized mail to your customers stating the importance of online ordering. Maintain a database containing the customer contact information and broadcast text messages about the new launch of the food ordering app.

Increase Your Visibility With Google Business

Looking for better ways to boost restaurant sales, adding location-based modifiers to the Google business will do that on your behalf of.   Google trends permit you to identify the number of times your restaurant is searched by customers.

You can even find out the related keywords searched by the people through Soolve. Now Soolve helps you find the target keyword for your online ordering system.

Collect Customer Rating

A positive customer review increases the visibility of your restaurant. Reports claim that 60% of diners always go through reviews before placing an order with a restaurant.  

Motivate your employees to get feedback from the customer after food delivery.  You can even add the restaurant location and contact details in your bill receipt so that the customer gives feedback about your restaurant.

Build Customized Loyalty Programs For Your Restaurant

Reward points to your customer based on the frequency of orders placed by the customer. 

More than 50% of customers stay as loyal customers through the frequent communication channel of the restaurant. You should collect the information about what a customer expects from your restaurant before framing a loyalty program.

Conduct Promotion Programs During Festivals And Seasons.

As a restaurant owner, prepare a plan in advance to restructure your restaurant menu before the holidays. You can even get the opinion of the restaurant chef on the menu plan. 

Decorate the restaurant based on the festival theme to attract more customers. At this stage, you can find out the popular recipes for the festive mood of the customers.

Surprise your customers with authentic recipes offered at slashed prices during the festivals and holidays.

Make Your Customers Happy With Great Service

If you constantly look for ways to boost restaurant sales, it starts by offering excellent customer service to your customers. You can give a preservice gift such as soups, drinks, or sweets to your customers after they arrive at your restaurant. 

Train your employees to market each dish by saying, ” The chicken is marinated for 4 hours and roasted in charcoal with the right ingredients, which is a popular dish of our restaurant. I request you to give it a try”.

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Priya is a passionate writer and enjoys writing articles about software, technology, and marketing. Through her informative blogs, she regularly discovers new tips and tricks that drive sales for restaurants.

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