Benefits of Using QR Codes in Restaurants

Posted by Priya November 1, 2021 Online Ordering

Benefits Of Using QR Codes In Restaurants

Currently, the world is facing a pandemic situation and the restaurant industry finds new techniques for contactless ordering. Many restaurants started to look at QR code menus. QR codes work as a great solution for restaurants, bars, and hotels. QR codes get augmented customers with fast transactions and friendly connectivity. 

Additionally to social distancing and better hygiene, a QR code menu has many advantages in a restaurant. To begin with, let’s understand what QR codes are exactly. Next, we’ll discuss the influencing reasons for including one in your restaurant.

What is a QR code?

Restaurants can present a digital menu version through QR code. It enables the customer to view the scan code through the smartphone. No need to maintain physical menus at the table supporting a friendly customer experience. QR code represents the code in an image similar to the barcode in the grocery store. The customer can scan from their smartphone which redirects to the website or app.  On the website, code gets translated into readable menu information. Now your customers can view and select the menu items to place an order.

Why Do Restaurants Need To Use QR Codes To Increase Profit?

Easy ordering Customers can order easily by browsing the menu digitally. Now your waiters can offer better service to the customer with reduced physical touch. QR codes also reduce the workforce, which increases revenue. Restaurants can easily create QR codes as they occupy only a little space.  You can link to unlimited PDF content like coupons, loyalty points, offers, or popular dishes. In common restaurants, menu cards are torn or damaged but QR codes remain fresh in stating the restaurant menu to the customers. Colorful QR codes attract more customers to your restaurant increasing sales.

Benefits of using QR codes in Restaurants

Maximize Order Values

Digital food orders increase the customer spending pattern. Online food ordering software raises the food order value by 30% by streamlining operations. When you attempt a face-to-face restaurant promotion activity it ends up in an awkward experience for the customer. 

While ordering through the digital menu does not put stress on the customer during the order process. Customers can navigate through the menus in a relaxed mood to pick their favorite foods. Yet another advantage is customers never face an embarrassment in adding a second menu item even though they have placed the order with the restaurant.

Reducing The Staff’s Contact With Clients

The current scenario has pushed people to look for low physical interactions. As a responsible restaurant owner, you also find better ways to reduce contact between customers and staff using the QR code menu. However, at times staff need to serve the food to the customer’s table. Instead, you can also have a collection point system for your food service to reduce human contact.

Increase Table Turnover

Restaurant managers often face a big challenge in offering better customer service.  Customers complain about the delay in food service. QR code eliminates the chance of waiting for the server to place an order.  Thus, it speeds up enormously. Even at the last minute customers can place additional items to the order offering convenience to the customer.

Quick Processing

QR expands as a quick response. QR codes are the best speed-up alternative to UPC barcodes. These codes can be encoded in both directions, horizontal and vertical to deliver the information. 

Easy And Frequent Menu Item Updates

You may have a different scenario when you run out of kitchen items. You can inform your customers that the menu item is not available. Digital menus allow the restaurant to update the menu at any time with minimal fuss.  

Improved Menu Design

Restaurants and bars are mainly affected by inventory fluctuations. This influences the necessity to focus on the menu inventory. Menus serve as a snapshot of the restaurant service to the customers. Preparing a menu based on seasonal changes results in unforeseen traffic spikes. QR code menus in a restaurant offer a better chance to edit menus on the go. No need to reprint menus every time you change the menu.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Customers choose a restaurant to have fun and a relaxing time. When a customer wants to order easily and quickly, QR code offers the most. It eliminates the manual searching time of the customer by directly visiting the app. Moreover, it reduces the wrong order processing and time spent on servicing people. QR codes are helpful for tourists who are aware of the new language. 

Drive Downloads Of Your App

 When you are printing a QR code you can also add the download link of the restaurant app. Today every customer owns a smartphone that can scan the QR code for the restaurant with no means of time to get app download promotions in time. These codes can take customers directly to the app store. It also increases app downloads when the customer is in the app store.

Data Collection From Customers

 QR codes help the restaurant to gather customer data. Usually, customers give their mobile number and email address during the ordering process. Online ordering software captures customer information to drive customer loyalty and retention. Data is a valuable resource for any restaurant business. In this way, restaurants can understand the customer’s menu choice and order patterns. It supports more orders with your restaurant. 

Develop Social Media Awareness For Your Brand

Customization is the basic feature of QR code generators. Restaurants can customize QR codes by showcasing the restaurant brand logo. Codes help in raising the restaurant business awareness which registers the logo in customers’ minds. In general, diners scroll through social media platforms to find good food and the best customer service restaurant.


Restaurants consider QR codes as a valuable tool for boosting sales. Restaurants must   service with effective ordering. QR codes advertise the hygiene of the restaurant food preparation process. QR codes help in promoting the restaurant brand among the competitors.

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