Restaurant Mobile App Promotion Checklist

September 1, 2021

Restaurant Mobile App Promotion Checklist

As a restaurant owner, it is essential to know things about the online presence. There are numerous techniques available to raise the restaurant’s profit margin. Every restaurant wishes to bring more customers to increase sales.

Restaurant Email Marketing

August 16, 2021

Restaurant Email Marketing Best Practices

Today customers receive hundreds of promotional emails in a month. Generally, customers either archive the email in bulk or directly delete the uninteresting emails. So email opening rate depends on the customer's attention over the marketing emails. Would you like your restaurant email to not be treated as spam? Just follow these best practices of email marketing to achieve your sales goals. Make Use Of Online Ordering Software Restaurants can directly access the customer's email id with the use of a food ordering app. Thus restaurants can send their offers, promotions without the support of third-party aggregators. Create an email list easily with the online food ordering system. So that the restaurants can send an email on special occasions or events. Write a Personalized Message Customers often opt for a restaurant dinner to celebrate their loved one’s birthday. One of the best restaurant email marketing strategies is to sending an email to the customer. You can remind that the birthday is nearby and it is time to celebrate the eve with the restaurant. Restaurants can send personalized anniversary days or valentine's day wishes. Diners prefer their favorite restaurant to spend a wonderful evening with their love mates. Promote Special Deals Seasonal promotions and weekly deals are never a missing restaurant email marketing strategy. But that does not mean you should send emails to the subscribers every second day. A good rule of thumb is to send one email per week. But there are exceptions on holidays such as Thanksgiving, valentine’s day, new year’s eve day, and Christmas. These days provide you the chance to send more emails to the customers. Offering Coupons In Email Restaurants can promote specific products to customers at an exclusive price. Marketers focus on the email followers first, by sending email coupons or vouchers. This type of offer assists restaurants identify frequent purchases of the customer. Few restaurants offer subscription-based coupon offers. For example, get 30 dollars off on your first meal delivery. You can also offer 20 dollars off for the order 150 dollars purchase. This type of discount will bring more customers to your restaurant. Email coupons encourage the customer to make use of the coupon immediately to grab the offer. Restaurant email marketing increases the ROI by providing flat discount gift cards on their next purchase. This approach influences the new customer to place orders repeatedly. Announcing New Menu Items Launch a new menu by sending an email to the subscribers by highlighting the specialties of the new dish. You can also show how the creative idea arrived, and why customers must try the new menu. Restaurants can even introduce seasonal new menus utilizing local seasonal products. Purchase the fruits and vegetables from local farmers. Send Emails At The Best Times Generally, the opening rate of the promotional emails ranges high during the weekends. Restaurants can send marketing emails earlier in the morning. As the customers intend to open the mail in a fresh morning. If a promotional email has to reach a wide range of audiences, then schedule the email on Tuesday. You can achieve the highest opening rate, and the second day to opt for email sending is Thursday. Define Your Ideal Email Frequency Never send a restaurant email to the customer with long gap durations. It annoys the customer due to the inconsistent restaurant marketing strategy. So always send an email with predictable gaps and a comfortable schedule. A survey says 87% of customers like to receive emails from the restaurant once a month. Restaurants can retain customers by sending 3 to 4 emails every month. Email opening rate not only depends on the email frequency in restaurant marketing. But also the time and the day of the email transmitted decides the opening rate of the email. More than 12 EMS companies report that early Tuesday mornings and Thursdays have a high open-rate. Marketing experts prefer both these days as the best time to send marketing emails. Make People Hungry by Adding Images to Email Restaurant owners must include food images in their emails. Mouth-watering images generally attract customers' attention. Photos help restaurants to illustrate a topic or special event. In this way, you create an eagerness about events yet to come or a food feast enjoyed by the customer over the past. Launching a new food item with a sizzling photo triggers the hunger of the customer. Thus, the customer can understand the uniqueness of the restaurant among the competitors. Use A Responsive Email Template Design Write an email structured with the body content stating your message goal. Choose the best location for call-to-action in the email. Marketing experts say that too many CTAs in a single email will confuse the customer that leads to a low open rate. Make use of contrast colors for CTA to differentiate from the other text. Restaurants can send an email containing the offers over the ice-creams. For instance “Rush our special flavored ice-creams running out! Grab the offer while it's chill...”. Place the CTA button at the end of the message to check the other restaurant menus. You can also redirect to the online ordering system. The call-to-action must clarify the customer's doubts. Prepare the subject line of the email with high readability. Nurture Loyal Customers Do you wish to improve sales through a loyalty program or marketing campaign? Email marketing is the right strategy that works for you. Add monthly special offers and the restaurant loyalty event updates in an email. So that the customer never misses out on a single deal. Increase customer engagement by combining the efforts of the loyalty program and email marketing. Combined efforts of the customer loyalty program and email marketing improve customer engagement. Write  Email In First Or Second Person Perspective Based On The Context. Write the emails in the first-person perspective rather than addressing them in terms of the company. Talks about the offers and discounts in the second perspective. It helps the customer understand their needs directly. You can state your restaurant specialties.  For example, I am glad to inform you that Brown restaurant is renovated with a new design and backdrop. Experience the first-class service with our restaurant. Restaurateurs can write about the offers in the second-person perspective. For instance, you can promote offers as “Your Double cheese pizza is waiting for your bite! Place order now!”. Restaurateurs must write the emails in the first or second person. In this way, it enables the customer to feel the care of the actual person towards their hunger. In this way, it increases the number of customer email replies and improves restaurant communication. Final Words Restaurant email marketing strategy is an effective marketing channel to grow the customers. You can nurture them on an ongoing basis to achieve maximum marketing outcomes. A digital marketing plan for a restaurant starts by following the best practices of email marketing. It earns the best returns under the fixed restaurant marketing budget.

The retention of customers is vital for any restaurant to succeed. Here are 9 Ways restaurants can retain customers online
Restaurant interior

July 28, 2021

9 Ways Restaurants Can Retain Customers Online In 2021

A restaurant's success depends on customer retention. The ability to acquire new customers is essential for growing your restaurant. But it is perhaps far more important to get existing customers back to your restaurant. What are the reasons? Customer acquisition is a time-consuming and expensive process. You may find the process tedious.  Retaining an existing customer is 6-7 times more expensive than acquiring a new one. You can sell the food items more easily to existing customers than the new customers. Extend long-term customer relationships with effective customer retention. Customers are inclined to restaurants offering good food items value for their money. People don't prefer restaurants that go with a business attitude.  Having loyal customers offers word-of-mouth advertising to their friends. You can use this great promotional technique for almost no cost! Let us check out the customer retention strategies that grow your restaurant business. What Is Customer Retention? Customer retention rate indicates the percentage of customers who remain with the business over a given period. Retention rate serves as the key metric for all businesses. In general, restaurants can get loyal customers when there is a low churn value.  It also shows the business success by retaining more customers over the period. Restaurants measure the customer retention rate to address the problems existing in the business model. Now the restaurant owners can devise a better strategy to retain the customers. Why are Customer Retention Strategies For Restaurant Considered Important? Retaining current customers is more cost-effective than earning new customers. Harvard business review reports that acquiring new customers is more expensive. Restaurants allocate 5 to 25 % of the budget for new customers. In the case of existing customers, restaurant owners, no need to spend more on advertising. Instead, you can repeat the same promotional strategies that gain the customer's trust. New customers place orders with the restaurant after more convincing. Repeated business orders do not come from customer loyalty. Often loyal customers suggest the restaurant to colleagues and friends. Scheduling a buzz marketing for the retained customers cultivates long-term customer loyalty. Tips To Increase Customer Retention Strategies For Restaurant Devise A Layered Loyalty Retention Program Loyalty retention programs used by restaurants help in retaining customers. Online ordering system preserve the complete details of customers. The customer data gives the ordering pattern and their favorite menu items. Restaurants can send emails or SMS offers on their favorite menu items on a slow sales day. For example, offer discount coupons on the customer's birthday or anniversary day. Offer loyalty points whenever the customer places an order with the restaurant.  A certain percentage discount on every 10th order influences to place frequent orders. Opportunities are endless. Customers love to get involved with offers and reach your restaurants repeatedly. Once a new loyalty retention program is set, restaurants can utilize digital signage boards to scroll the offer text. However, sending too many SMS and emails makes the customer irritate. At one point in time, customers might even block the messages and emails from your restaurant. Make  A Plan For SMS And Email Marketing Restaurants consider SMS and email as great source points to attract customers. Emails and SMS extend a warm relationship with customers. Adding a personal touch to the messages and emails brings more customers to your restaurant. Restaurants can introduce a new menu or combo offers through crisp SMS and emails. A customer feedback request demonstrates the value given to the customer's opinion. It showcases the commitment towards your customer service. Moreover, it boosts the restaurant's image among the customers. You can frame email campaigns based on customer data.  This might work great on holidays and festive seasons. You get more loyal customers to your restaurant. Do you struggle with email marketing strategy? Check out a few strategies that help in engaging customers. Market Your Restaurant In Social Media Platforms Social media serves as the spotlight for the restaurant business. Restaurants make use of social media platforms to keep in touch with their customers. Share the delicious and mouth-watery unique dish photos of the restaurant. If you fail to post the content for a long period, then your followers will miss the updates of your restaurant. So share the restaurant posts constantly on social media to engage the customer. Followers are often considered brand ambassadors who do word-of-mouth advertising for your restaurant. Respond quickly to the customer comments on recipes and services.  You can even send thank you messages to loyal customers and positive comments. Take the extra mile by conducting contests for customers. You can request customers to share specific hashtags supporting your restaurant business. Contests promote the restaurant brand among the customers with better interaction.  Some of the ideas to make your post interesting in social media channels Events hosted in restaurants.New recipesDecoration and background changesBehind the scenes of the restaurant kitchenWeekly special offers and discountsCustomer shared imagesBest employee of the month Offer Exceptional Customer Service Restaurants can win the customer's heart with exceptional customer service. Expectations of the customer may vary from one person to another. But your restaurant must provide the best of it.  Don't think that only delicious food will retain customers. But also a quality service will make customers remember your restaurant. Ensure the portion size of the dish is sufficient for the customer's hunger. Deliver the food to the customer at the right time by avoiding waiting for a long period. If a delay occurs for unexpected reasons, place a call with the customer. Apologize to the customer for the inconvenience. Restaurants must provide live chat in-app and the website. In this way, customers can easily reach the restaurant at any point in time.  A fine dining restaurant serves many courses that require constant supervision. Here the customers expect high customer service as they pay more. Lack of customer service will disappoint the customer about your restaurant service. Casual dining restaurant customer volume is high, but the service expectation is low. Customer Feedback Customer feedback is a powerful tool to offer better service to the customer. After the customer receives the food from the restaurant, request customer feedback. You can conduct polls and surveys to get an honest review of the customer.  Promote the polls and surveys on social media platforms and digital signage boards.  You can even provide incentives or gift cards for participating in the polls and surveys. You can even place a suggestion box at the restaurant entrance to get the customer's opinion. Feedback on the food quality and portion size will help you improve your performance. If you get a bad review, apologize to the customer and assure them you will resolve the issue upon the next visit.   Bad reviews The biggest challenge of customer retention is bad reviews. Handling the reviews in the right way will earn you repeat business.  A survey states that 45% of customers plan to choose the restaurant only when the restaurants respond to bad reviews. When you respond to a negative review, it shows you value the customer's problems. Not responding to a dissatisfied customer will result in a customer retention failure.  Create happier customers by reading reviews from unhappy customers. Even though bad reviews might be painful.  Engage Your Customers Create a community to carry out social media promotions or in-person marketing. Sharing the posts in the community boosts customer engagement. When you own a community, it helps in improving brand loyalty. Now your customers can understand the value of placing orders with your restaurant.  You can even tell an interesting brand story for your restaurant. Engaging stories make the customer remember about your restaurant. Stories create an emotional bond with customers. You can include the food, events, and specialties of the restaurant in the brand story.   User-Generated Content Having user-generated content for your restaurant does more than brand awareness spreading. This form of marketing originates from an authentic place. As the customers offer the user-generated content. Customers can relate to this content because they can engage as they are familiar with them. An anesthetic interior with a decorated plate induces the customer to share pictures. Conducting an Instagram photo contest will assist your restaurant advertising activities. Loyalty Programs The simple psychology is rewarding and motivates the customer to place more orders. Customers get loyalty points based on the order value placed by them. Redeem the points against the next food order placed by the customer. Design the loyalty retention program such that it engages the customer. Configure the loyalty program so that it is easily attainable by any customer.  Create A Better Dining Experience Customers frequently place repeated orders when they have a positive restaurant experience. Focus on how to provide the smoothest and most enjoyable restaurant experience possible. This could really be what sets your restaurant apart from all the others. Menu Design Pay attention to every detail of the restaurant service. So that the customer understands the valuable service offered by the restaurant. A well-structured menu design enhances the customer experience with the restaurant. A pleasing menu hones the appetite of the customer. Have an eye that the food and interior design go well with the restaurant experience. Restaurants providing an outstanding dining experience establishes emotional connectivity with the restaurant. Menu pricing strategies help you fix the right pricing for food items. You can also control portion with affordable pricing earns you profit. Table Service Table service helps you find out how customers feel about your restaurant service. Some of the techniques that assist the customer return back to the restaurant every time. They are: Customers can opt to order their food by course or by seat, so they have a choice.Create personalized orders by utilizing the product sequences. Offer many variations of the single menu. Different menus allow the guest to choose as per their preference. Monitor the tables and orders by assigning staff for the table. Thus you can provide better customer service. Host Events Often restaurants implement various tricks to captivate and retain customers. Hosting events will help you improve your slow night sales. Customers always love to listen to live band music or enjoy a karaoke night on weekdays and weekends. You can even conduct stand-up comedy or music events for famous DJs. Conducting ladies-only participated competitions on the night brings more customers.  Customers feel interested in spending their nighttime. They might even be ready to pay entry charges for the event. Discuss with the chef and devise a special menu upon hosting the events will gain high profit. Old customers express more interest in attending the events than new customers. Existing customers know more about the restaurant services and specialties. Design Seasonal Menu Items  Human brains always look for novelty and new things.  The seasonal menu serves fresh ingredients based on the season. When you provide the same menu on all days, the customer will not show more interest in your restaurant. Not changing the menu for long period forces the customer to look for other restaurants.  Introduce new menus through email increases customer engagement in the restaurant business. If you think changing the menu might end you with a big risk, then that's not the case anymore. Online ordering software lets you change the menu with informed decisions of the customer. You can improve the menu design from the scrap.  Food ordering app analytics report helps you sell the menu items based on customer preferences and season. For instance, you can offer discounts on vegetarian and vegan menu items for customers on a special day. Effective Use Of CRM Customer retention strategies for restaurant remains the main ingredient in flavoring business. And there comes customer relationship management(CRM) to help you manage customers. CRM maintains the database for the customer associated with the restaurant. The database contains the contact details, DOB, and anniversary dates.  Sending a wish on a special occasion will encourage them to plan for a dinner with your restaurant. CRM stores the history of the customer menu preferences. CRM guides restaurants to arrive at better decisions in menu and marketing strategies. Have A Record Of Customer Profiles Online ordering systems record customer details with a separate profile. Individual profile supports a personalized experience for the customer. The profile helps you send emails eliminating paper-based receipts. Upload gift cards for special occasions of the customer's birthdays and anniversary days. Add Personal Touch Treat the customers special whenever you serve them. Customers will express more interest in placing orders with the restaurant repeatedly.  Train your employees about how to welcome the guest. Employees must guide the customer to have a seat comfortably in a place. Restaurant staff must remember the customer's favorite dish. When you serve the customer as per their wish, the customer feels at home.  Customers can place more orders with familiar serving staff. Moreover, customers can inform their dish preferences. Providing a better service improves customer engagement and retention. Remember that you don't over impose the customer when you offer service. Effective Online Restaurant Advertising Online ordering software updates the upcoming events to the customers through marketing tools. As you hold the customer data running an email campaign is very effective. If a customer has not visited for a long period, restaurants can send a reminder email or SMS. Personalized push notifications help the customer to stay updated with the restaurant news. But don't send too many messages then people will consider this message as spam. Social media campaigns help in marketing the restaurant among the customers. Restaurants can conduct polls, contests, and competitions to interact with the customers.  Tweets, posts, and comments improve the restaurant brand loyalty increase customer retention. What Is Customer Retention Rate? Customer retention rate is the number of customers managed over a specific time. Retention rate helps you identify the success and failure of the marketing efforts. Restaurant owners consider business management as a crucial aspect. You must always have an eye on customer retention rates. Customer retention rate tracks business progression and finds which section needs improvement. How To Calculate Customer Retention Rate? Customer retention program ideas help restaurant owners to grow their businesses. You can make use of a loyalty program to calculate customer retention.  Customer retention is the total number of new customers gained in the given period. Subtract new customers from total customers at the end of the time frame(EC). Divide the number obtained by the total amount of customers at the beginning of the period (SC). Multiply the final number by 100. Example Consider a quick-service restaurant running a loyalty retention program. At the beginning of the month of May total number of loyal customers is 500. During the month of May restaurant may acquire 150 new customers, and at the same time, 40 customers leave. So the total number of customers at the end of the month is 610. You can calculate the customer retention rate with the following methods. Customer retention rate = ((610-150)/500)*100 = (460/500)*100 = (0.92)*100 The customer retention rate for the month of May is 92%.  You can calculate the customer retention rate either weekly or yearly. Conclusion Getting a repeat business for your restaurant is not an easy task. Visualize the sales progression with the use of customer retention strategies. Maintain good relationships with the customers to offer satisfied service. Don't take customer orders for granted at any point in time. Show how much you appreciate customer business. Request feedback and improve the service then and there to retain your customers. Customer retention strategies for restaurants offer assurance to increase profits.

Restaurant ordering website

July 12, 2021

20 Online Takeaway Promotion Ideas to Boom Your Online Sales

The primary goal of every restaurant owner is to grow their sales. Selling the restaurant food to more customers would assist in expanding the business. So increasing the restaurant sales is easily achievable through repetitive customers. Well, restaurant promotions and coupons serve as strong motivators bringing more loyal customers. Generally, customers look for an opportunity to bargain for the price. Customers search for the best price by navigating through the restaurant list. Online ordering software promotes restaurants by driving up the restaurant brand value among the customers. A tactical marketing strategy expands the customer base that increases sales. Announce Happy Hour  Many restaurants offer happy hour discounts on alcoholic drinks and other beverages. Beverage offers are particularly focused between 4 to 6 pm. As a restaurant owner, you know the business is usually slow after the lunch hour. Happy hour booms up the business motivating the diners to have a drink between 4 and 6 pm i.e. after-work drink every day. Takeaway Lunch Special Improve slow meal hour business with dine-in lunch take-out special. You can provide two or three cuisines at a bargain price. Offer special lunch package discounts, including appetizers and beverages once a week. This promotion idea grows the take-out business even during off-peak hours. Promote On Social Media With Hashtags Promote your take-out offerings on social media. In this way, you can increase the awareness of the restaurant brand among the customers. The restaurant shares its menu with hashtags exclusive to the restaurant. For example, #Take-out Tuesday, or #Sizzling Sunday Offer, or #Jump into the beverage festival. Hashtags increase customer engagement and orders. When your followers view the restaurant post, they might tag with their friends. Tagging serves as word-of-mouth advertising to other customers. Special Offers For App Users A branded mobile app for your restaurant encourages the customer to place an order over the app. Customers can experience the intuitive process of the online ordering platform. You can provide discounts like Grab a 50% discount on the first purchase over the food ordering app. In-app offers trigger the customer's interest once they have installed the app. Customers will never miss even a single offer as they keep track of promotions all time. Redefine Customer Loyalty Program A restaurant's business success depends on loyalty points and reward programs. Addressing loyal customers will improve restaurant sales. Print custom loyalty cards that do not break your budget. For example, collect 9 cards to get your 10th meal free or get free drinks for 7 reward cards. Discounts like grab 10 dollars off on every visit will get you more orders. Kids Free Meal Today kids learn in a remote location, and the parents are working in a different location. You can build a kid’s free meal package for the orders placed on the first Monday of a month over specific locations. Upon implementing this idea, the parents take a break from their normal routine. They may like to feed their kids with special food even though the kids are away from them. Conduct Contests Often With Giveaways Restaurants can conduct contests and offer giveaways to increase customer engagement. Contest plans focus on couples, kids, and elders. Post the images of the contest over social media platforms. Restaurant posts boost the restaurant brand image among the customers. Restaurants provide giveaways if the customer tagged the restaurant post with their friends. Tagged restaurant posts help to expand their customer base. Giveaways support the customer to recognize the restaurant among competitors. So design unique prizes, gift cards, or discounts to add value to the restaurant. Offer High Deals On Low Sales Days Restaurateurs often plan for take-out deals and discounts to improve sales. Offering discounts during the peak hours of the restaurant. Certain items have always been highly demanded by the customers.  Providing discounts on high-demand items will affect revenue generation. To resolve this, restaurants can provide discounts over lunch takeaways. As you know, business is slow at lunchtime rather than on a busy dinner evening. Advertise New Menu Launch Launching a new menu depends on how far the menu is promoted among customers. But takeaways are the right strategy to trigger the customer interest to try over the new menu. Preparing a creative and unique dish occupies the taste buds of the customer at the first try itself. Thus the dish becomes the restaurant's popular dish preferred by more customers. Host Discounts Frozen/ Refrigerated Food Items Not all restaurants need to have the same menu. Restaurateurs can add creative dishes to the menu, such as heat and eat meals. This increases the takeaway sales by distributing the frozen items to massive customers. Family And Friends Combo Offer Plan the combo menu that includes healthy soups, salads and low-fat yogurt. A healthy combo menu encourages the customer to place an order for a takeaway meal. Thus, customers will no more consume unhealthy dishes. 70% of restaurants have changed their combo package plan based on recent customer choice trends. An affordable and healthy meal will always remain the first choice for the customer. Limited Time Offers On Beverages And Drinks Offer 10 to 30% discounts on takeaway drinks and beverages. On viewing the discounts customers place more orders. You can also provide a free drink when the customer orders a lunch meal above 50 dollars. You can also offer milkshakes in a combo package for a limited period. Beverage offers stimulate the customer to try different milkshakes without missing the deal. Daily Deals For Workspaces And Businesses Focus on local workspaces and businesses to reach more customers with meal discounts. Offer discounts for large lunch takeaway orders placed by the local business. Getting the food at an affordable price encourages them to place orders repetitively. When you continue to do this will help you get contracts to provide food for a long period. Restaurants must accept large workspace food orders. It generates steady revenue by maintaining a warm relationship with customers. Themed Dinner Takeaways Discuss with restaurant chefs to develop brainstorming theme-based takeout and delivery ideas. Restaurants can offer themed takeaway discounts to the customers. For instance, get your medium size pizza free for two big size pizzas, or Feed your thirst with a free drink on a 4 person dinner order, or grab the milkshakes at half price for orders above 5. Takeaway Menu To Coordinate Seasonal Changes Add seasonal fruits and vegetables to the takeaway meals. Guests express more interest in trying out the deal today or tomorrow. Seasonal fruits and vegetables will be available at a low price at a particular season. Thus, offering food at an affordable price benefits the restaurant and the customer. Offer Discounts to SMS Users SMS marketing is the traditional method to connect with millennials. SMS communicates with your customer even without an internet connection. Restaurants can collect the phone numbers of customers. You can use these numbers to send SMS about the offers and discounts to boost sales. It is good to give weekly takeaway offers for the customers included in the SMS list. Encourage Repetitive Customers With Special Offers Customers will place more future orders when they receive satisfied restaurant service. But providing special offers for repeat customers like takeaway free fries on Friday. Offers such as grab your beer at 1.50 dollars will make them understand the value of the order in the restaurant. Customers will prefer your restaurant more than the other restaurants. Conclusion Implementing the above-discussed ideas helps in moving forward towards the take-out sales. Add creativity to the promotion ideas grabs the customer's attention online. Thereby the customer places more orders over the online food ordering systems. Want to see the guaranteed revenue generation? Start executing your restaurant promotion ideas right now.

Online Ordering System

June 18, 2021

Why Is An Online Food Ordering System Essential For Restaurants?

Every day the restaurant business world is getting tougher, demanding a technology update to withstand the market. And thus, in recent years, people tend to turn towards online ordering systems for restaurants.  Calling a restaurant to place an order has become an old era. Now the restaurants prefer to offer customized food ordering apps to customers. These apps enable a better customer experience in ordering food.  As a restaurant owner, you have complete control and access to the order processing and customer information without relying upon third-party aggregators. Let us jump into the revenue generation pool that pushes your restaurant to the next level. Find out the reasons how online ordering systems grow your restaurant business. Here is the list of reasons that improve your restaurant sales performance through an online ordering app for restaurants.  Systematic Business Flow With a personalized online ordering app for restaurants, you get access to the dashboard, offering a big picture of your restaurant business and the status of the orders at any time. It facilitates you with smooth restaurant activity. Reduce the chance of misplaced orders or missed food orders resulting due to human errors.  Streamlining the restaurant activity defines a clear layout for the employee roles and responsibilities. Eliminate the occurrence of redundancy in order processing.  Overall, the food ordering app structures the workforce. It helps in earning happy customers who are going to place more orders in the future. Manage menus conveniently The primary feature that people prefer such an online ordering app for restaurants is that you can make changes to your menu at any time. Now you can forget printing and reprinting menu papers as you can reach your customers with only a few clicks.  Making changes online preserves your time and cost. Adding pictures to your restaurant recipes with the detailed description serves as an informative piece for your customers.  Based on season and events, you can change your menu as per the demands of the customer. You can even increase your restaurant functioning hours, informing happy hours. Customers placing orders in the happy hours can get offers in the combos and other discounts where they seem to fit. Build your customer database Customers use an online ordering app for restaurants to place food orders providing personal details such as name, address, and email address. It enables you to collect customer information and develop a database for your restaurant customers. You can use this database to interact with the customers and motivate them to place more orders. Reports say that 70% of consumers choose the customized restaurant app, not over a third-party aggregator app. Now your marketing efforts like a loyalty program, offers, and email marketing notified the customer instantly.  In the case of third-party aggregators, you can only get the phone number of the customers. This process does not allow you to re engage with the customer after the order completion. Zero occurrences of errors across platforms Online ordering app for restaurants amplifies the trust and popularity of the restaurant in customers' minds. Menus and functions appear in the eye-catching format in PCs, Macs, and iOS, regardless of platforms.  Food delivery app reduce the chance of customers getting confused and improves the sense of trust.  Often miscommunication occurs while orders are taken through phones, whereas the food delivery app permits the customer to choose and modify their food order based on their preference.  The order was received through the app transmitted to the restaurant printer. Thus the food delivery app avoids the occurrence of imprecision. Finally, there is no more waste of money and bad customer reviews. Reduce Expenses Relying upon third-party food ordering apps will transform your business popular in turn, they suck out most of your profit as commission. In a few cases, expensive charges might end up in losses and fail you to run the restaurant.  By owning an app for your restaurant, you get rid of relying upon third-party aggregators for receiving and processing customer orders.  Online ordering apps for restaurants streamline your restaurant processing and delivery services.  It slices out the operation cost for the long run along with wastage reduction. Adopting these systems to your restaurant empowers you to function solely both in the case of order pick-up and delivery.  It also reduces the unnecessary overheads and increases work pressure on the employees. Investing in food ordering apps will help you sustain your business for the long run with high ROI. Better Marketing Restaurant marketing is the strong base for running your business successfully. The advantage of owning an online food delivery app for your restaurant lets you occupy more space for promoting your restaurant among the customers.  You can choose your layout and insist on your brand logo, mission, and vision. Your personal touch in the food ordering app enables the customer to remember the food ordering process and will place the order again in the future.  When you use an ordering system for your restaurant business, you are out of the geographical restrictions in connecting the customer. Now you are ready to process customer orders all over the city through the internet.  Strengthen Brand Awareness When you integrate your restaurant with third-party aggregator apps, you get only restricted space to present the restaurant. You get confined to a limited number of word descriptions and images of your restaurant in these apps.  Experts have found that restaurants allocate 15 to 30 percent pay for each order using third-party aggregators apps. But if you own a customized app for the restaurant, you can utilize the entire app. You can create a layout with a unique touch.  It's time to come out of the struggles with billboards and posters for marketing your restaurant business. Own your new app that escorts your restaurant business to epoch accessible to more customers.  With the online ordering app for restaurants, you can give the location map of your restaurant. An intuitive platform to access and place the order for customers. Improved Employee Productivity Have you ever thought of your employees taking orders all time? Yes, there are chances of the occurrence of wrong order placement due to miscommunication. But when you use an online ordering app for a restaurant decreases the time spent over taking orders. Now your employee spends his time preparing the order and delivering it to the customer.  The main advantage of using a food ordering app is customers can place bulk pre-orders by fixing a particular delivery time. Conclusively your restaurant employees get more time to prepare themselves in advance. Powered analytics and reports The primary advantage of an online food ordering app offers you the performance data of your restaurant business. By looking into the reports and analytics, you can analyze your restaurant business progression.  The app reports give a bird's eye view based on the authentication level. Above all, the online ordering app reports accessible anywhere at any time with improved comfortability and flexibility.  Thus the food delivery app reports help you arrive at wise decisions making your business grow exponentially. It's time to turn your restaurant business profit! By now, you might be aware that the online food ordering app is essential for your restaurant. It is better to choose the experts to design your app with a personalized menu set up.  Online ordering system smoothens your customer experience with your restaurant. Thought to own an app for your restaurant? Get connected with us to know more about designing a customized app for you!

How Can Online Food Ordering Software Help To Boost Restaurant Sales?

June 3, 2021

How Can Online Food Ordering Software Help To Boost Restaurant Sales?

Restaurant owners always find ways to increase sales and make a profit.  Are you a restaurateur searching for an efficient method to increase sales? Here is your secret answer: restaurant online ordering system. Over a few years back, customers often looked for the menu and location of the restaurant on a website. But the transformations in the digital world have increased customer expectations.  A recent study reports that 41% of customers wish to order online from the restaurant. A customized online ordering software supports customer convenience in placing food orders. At the same time, restaurant owners can process the orders in an effective manner. Let us look at the essentials to own an online ordering software to boost restaurant sales. Launch Online Ordering The first step to increase restaurant sales is launching an online ordering software. Now restaurants owner can assign their staff to focus on customer service. Rather than spending time taking orders through phones. Upload A New Menu Restaurateurs can bring a new life to the menu with more choices to the customers. The food ordering mobile app provides a detailed menu description with cost details. With the updated menu, customers can easily navigate the food items. Select their favorite food within a few seconds and place an order with the restaurant. Restaurants can change menus, events, or discounts through the online food ordering software. Restaurants can highlight a  menu either on one or two days of the week or twice a month. You can share the new menu on social media platforms to increase customer attention. Accept Modifications At times, a customer might like to order butter-coated chicken. Meanwhile, another customer wishes to order a thin layer of pizza. But the truth is not all the customers love the way the food arrives from the restaurant. Online ordering systems enable the customer to alter the food orders. Now your customer receives a satisfying meal on every order. Today customers look for a restaurant that accepts orders as per their wish. Choose Delivery Or Pickup Options A hungry customer looks for a restaurant that offers pickup or delivery service.  Customers can input the delivery address to receive the food. Restaurants can increase the demand for their food through delivery services. Estimate The Order Pick Up Duration Customers get the notification of the order pick-up time and delivery time in advance. Once the customer places an order, the restaurant can provide an order pick-up time through a mobile app. You can either provide a time range or the exact time of the order pick-up in orders and it offers a better online ordering experience to the customer. Track Your Expenses Incurred In Real-time Restaurants receive updated restaurant cash flow information in the dashboard.  Above all, the restaurateurs can track the cost of the food items ordered in the admin dashboard. Practicing on a daily basis will earn a handsome profit for the restaurant. Now you can get the individual order translation that focuses on the total order amount. Instant Push Notifications Customers get instant push notifications of the offers, discount coupons, and events.  Food ordering systems allow restaurant owners to include the offer information in the push notification option. In this way, restaurants can increase sales even on a slow sales day. Gain Better Customer Insights Reports state that 60% of customers order food online within the last six months. Restaurants look for online ordering software not only for increasing profit. But also for valuable analytics reports and delivery boy earnings. Restaurants make use of customer data insights for advertising purposes. Thus it encourages your customers to return back to your restaurant again and again. Built-in Loyalty Program Restaurants can activate the coupon status and loyalty reward programs. Configure minimum target points of the customer to avail of the offer. With the refer friends option, customers can gain reward points. Depending on the total purchase amount of the friend, the customer gets the reward point. You can even offer percentage-based reward points credited to the customer's wallet. How To Choose Online Ordering System for Your Restaurant Pick The Right Online Ordering Systems With Zero Commissions. Running a business with zero profit is meaningless. But third-party delivery apps do the same for restaurants. Generally they take 20% to 30% revenue on every order. A wise idea is to look for a customized ordering software that relieves you from commission charges and has more features that support restaurant sales . Thus, restaurateurs have full control of their branding of the restaurant. Restaurants can access customer data directly without the help of third parties. Advertise Online Ordering Systems To Encourage Customers' Repetitive Sales. Spread the promotions, offers, and discounts to the customers in a convincing approach. The referral program motivates the customers to earn loyalty points. Customers can introduce the restaurant mobile app to their friends through a unique referral link. When the friend places an order the customer and friend receive a reward point in their wallet.  The referral program set a win-win strategy between the restaurant and the brand. Don't Restrict Online Ordering To Websites. Website promotions are not the only source point for a restaurant's visibility. It also makes the restaurant identifiable by the customer through Google or Yelp. Avoid restricting yourself to selling the food items with restaurant websites alone. You will miss more food orders.  Restaurants can improve sales with commission-free food ordering software. Restaurants choose the food-ordering app based on goals and the customer expansion base.  Drive the loyalty programs to improve connection with customers to place repeated orders.  Get Connected With A Right Technological Partner You can simplify the process even more if you let your customers pay through your website. The ability to order and pay for food directly from a website or mobile apps will be welcomed by your customers. Is there anything easier than this? There is massive potential in the online ordering system, and you need to find ways to maximize it.

May 26, 2021

Reasons Why You Need an in House Online Ordering System

The success of a restaurant business greatly relies upon the food taste and the service quality, but above all, customer convenience matters a lot. People love to get their fine dining experience without affecting the comfortability of their couch. There are numerous physical obstacles between the restaurant and the customer, which complicates the easy food ordering process.  Online food delivery systems have raised the restaurant business up to 300%, and it is the best time to invest in it. To add further to the 60%, U.S.foodies place orders once a week, and the count is supposed to increase. In this case, do you wish to share your profits with the third-party aggregators, or do you want a customized in-house online ordering platform that earns handsome profit? Check out the article and understand why you need an in house online ordering system for your restaurant. What Is An Online Ordering System? Online food ordering system facilitate the restaurant owners to access a set of operations such as accept orders, process them, order delivery, offer loyalty points, manage items, and assign orders to the delivery boy. Owning a customized food ordering app nurtures personal branding, which establishes a long-term customer relationship that generates better ROI for your business. Advantages Of Online Ordering System The Easy Food Ordering Process - Customers can take their own time to browse menus and place orders without placing calls to the restaurant. 97% of Millennials use their phones to place orders anytime. Thus, the online ordering process streamlines the restaurant process activity efficiently by increasing the sales value per order.  Order Any Time - A customized ordering app offers flexibility to customers to place orders during their convenient time. And this helps you scale the business to place orders, even after the working hours of your restaurant, which schedules easy pickup and delivery time. Simpler To Manage -  Configure daily promotions or change placements of items in the menu done easily eliminates the need to approach third-party aggregators. NPR reports claim, about 4% of online customers spend more money to place a food order. Fast And Secured Order Delivery - With aggregator apps, quick and hygienic delivery is not guaranteed as they handle multiple restaurant orders, whereas in-house ordering apps reach the customer fast with the compliance of health standards.      Data Insights - Online restaurant ordering systems provide analytics data reports about the marketing campaigns and reward programs which helps to plan the right marketing strategy for your restaurant business. Strengthens Customer Loyalty - With the third-party apps, customers place orders with your restaurant this time and next time with another restaurant, whereas the in-house ordering app fosters customers to place orders repetitively over your restaurant, which leads to a rise in customer loyalty simultaneously. Improves Productivity - With online ordering systems, your complete order process is automated, which saves the employee time to attend phone calls to get the customer order such that it increases the productivity of the organization. Reasons Why You Need An In-House Online Ordering System ? No More Commission Charges For Every Order A survey states that restaurants lose 30% of their revenue by using third-party aggregator apps. Restaurants pay a commission charge of 20% in Uber eats, and they also pay additional charges for marketing their restaurant such that it appears at the top of the result. Grubhub marketplace charges 10 to 15% commission charges for 20% of food orders placed from them.  For example, a restaurant receives 22 delivery orders in a week with a sale amount of 636 dollars. Uber charges 190.80 dollars, which shows that the aggregator apps have taken 30% of the weekly earnings of the restaurant. Thus, it's your turn to transform your restaurant profitable using an in-house food ordering system. Direct Access To Customer Data Food delivery portals deny access to the customer information, but an in-house food ordering system offers complete access to the customer data. Interact with the customer directly and learn the popular dishes and food ordering patterns of the customer supports designing your menus based on the target customers. Promote offers, discounts, and loyalty reward programs to the customer instantly. Personalized Loyalty And Reward Programs Customers who have ordered food from your restaurant already are more likely to place orders repeatedly if they feel good at the first time itself. But as the food industry is competitive, most of the time, customers expect offers and discounts. With in-house food ordering systems now customers get a notification about their favorite meal available at a discounted price for a specific period.  Customers love to view the personalized messages from the restaurant, which motivates them to place the order with the restaurant. When a customer refers to a friend, he gains the loyalty points based on the total purchase amount value of the friend, where the customer can redeem the loyalty points over the next purchase.  Real Time Order Tracking Customers expect the food ordered should reach their doorstep within a short duration, and the Dominos have viewed their sales increased 20% to 40% because of the live tracking facility. Customer retention depends on the quick delivery of the food and the restaurant service, which indicates the real-time order status transparent for both the customer and the restaurateur. 100% Error-free Order Processing Rates  Online ordering system tracks the kitchen process of the restaurant and finds out how staff members handle food orders efficiently. With the help of the food ordering app, outlet managers never get a chance to face angry customers due to wrong orders or food wastage as every single order gets tracked in real-time. All these factors improve the customer experience by ensuring the branding of the restaurant.  Boosts Restaurant Brand Image Customized food ordering systems enable the customer to directly access the restaurant regarding any issue with the food or order, whereas using third-party ordering platforms offers no way to hear customer complaints, which creates obstacles in restaurant service improvement. A techonomic study reports that 76% of customers who encounter delivery errors through third-party apps blame the restaurant for bad service. Even though you don't have control over the aggregator apps, it affects the restaurant's reputation. Enhanced Customer Service A restaurant ordering system offers full access control to perform operations by allowing restaurateurs to handle customer grievances with an improved method. Now the dashboard offers the issues faced by the customer with the restaurant and the better way to resolve them.  Customer support is the key for any business, so make your customers happy with exceptional service. Unique Features Of The Online Ordering System Let us look into the few fundamental features of the in-house food ordering system to boost restaurant sales. Pre-order - Customers specify the convenient delivery time along with the location during their food ordering process. Real-time data Analytics - Online ordering system offers holistic restaurant analytics reports of orders and delivery boy transaction that supports restaurant owners to devise better marketing strategies.  Push notifications - Customers receive instant notifications of the discounts and promotions directly from the restaurant that improves the sales. Loyalty points and reward programs - Excite the customers by awarding the loyalty points for placing an order with the restaurant. Coupons - Restaurants can launch new menu items with coupon offers stimulating the customer's interest to try the new food immediately. Multiple payments and gateway integration - Customers can make the payments for their order either by cash on delivery or credit card or debit card, which integrates with multiple payment gateways. Mobile ordering - Now, ordering food anytime or at any location is no more a trouble for customers. Summing up In-house online food ordering systems earn massive profits by encouraging the customers to place more orders and turn into loyal customers. Now, this is the right time to switch your restaurant business from third-party aggregators to a customized food ordering system. Get more orders today!

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