11 Restaurant Loyalty Program Ideas To Promote Your Business In 2022

December 17, 2021

11 Restaurant Loyalty Program Ideas To Promote Your Business In 2022

A restaurant customer loyalty program or rewards program is a customer retention strategy that motivates customers to continue purchasing.

Facebook Marketing to promote your restaurant

December 15, 2021

How to use Facebook Marketing to promote your restaurant? With Facebook ads example

Every one of us loves to eat delicious food. Facebook reports 1.6 billion active users every day, and that turns out Facebook is the right platform for restaurants to market their restaurant services.  If you are still not registered on Facebook, make your move now. Want to know about the advantages of online restaurant marketing on Facebook? Let us check out the new Facebook restaurant marketing strategies to grow your customer base. How To Make Facebook Marketing Successful And Engage Your Users? If you think engaging customers with interesting information on Facebook is a complicated task, in reality, that is not true. As per statistics, Facebook images and videos highly engage the customers with increased click-through rate and sales.  On average, every user checks Facebook at least 8 times per day, so restaurateurs must prepare a highly engaging post to attract more customers. Share Mouth-Watering Pictures of Dishes Attractive mouth-watering images will bring more customers on a regular basis. It might be a weekday start, but customers plan for dinner from Friday afternoon itself, and restaurants can suggest customers with the pictures of menu items. Restaurateurs must keep a camera ready to shoot whenever the chef prepares a unique recipe.  Customers view the shared images of the restaurant and remember them for a longer period. Taking a photograph of food items does not require an expensive camera or photoshop knowledge.  Nowadays, even a smartphone is enough to take quality pictures to reach more customers. Restaurateurs can use filters and other picture tool apps to create unforgettable pictures of menu items. Make Use Of Hashtags Restauranteurs must make use of relevant hashtags that perfectly describe the restaurant's food and brand. Not using proper hashtags will make the marketing efforts fail even though you share a gorgeous image.  +Facebook targeting for restaurants can use food hashtags such as #pizza or # tapas or #wine to attract more food lovers by seeing their favorite food hashtag.  Restaurants can utilize trending hashtags like #veganfood or # vegetarian or #treatyoself or #farmfood or #indianfood to advertise the restaurant based on the demographic information. Post Your Ads At The Right Times A well-known fact is that one size does not fit all, similar to the different strategic implementations for various marketing platforms, to succeed in your efforts.  Marketing experts recommend sharing the promotional posts between 1 pm to 3 pm in the mid of the week. The best time to share a post on Twitter is 1 pm on Fridays, and on Instagram, the highest post engagement is between 7 pm and 9 pm. Feature Your Employee Talent In recent days robotic customer service and self-driving cars eliminate the human presence.  Restaurants can post the best performing employees with their smiling face pictures that connect with the customer and identify the staff easily. That does not mean every restaurant must post a picture of a waitress serving the customer. Preferably restaurants can show off the chef with his secret recipe that adds a personal touch to the post. Rewarding employees will make the customers understand the standard and qualities preserved in the restaurant. Speak About How You Shop Having a conversation with restaurant staff to know about ingredients to pick from the local market is an incredible way to boost the quality of the food to serve the customers and the purchase from local farm owners. Take snaps of cracked fruits, veggies to show the ripeness or the freshness of the restaurant food and share with the customers.  Respond To The Messages Customers always have a bundle of questions about your restaurant, whether you serve organic fruits or your restaurant offers fruit-based ice creams and a lot more on seeing your Facebook posts.  Facebook marketing strategy for restaurants enforces to stay attentive towards social media accompanied by the immediate response to the Facebook customer messages that makes them feel personal care offered by the restaurant. Engage Yourself With Live If You See Something Cool  A carefully polished and curated content to develop a specific image makes the people sick to listen to it, and for this reason, restaurants need to go live when some cool thing happens or an awesome moment or a trip or a song to share with customers, where people may love to see. Create An Exciting Menu To Support Facebook Marketing One of the best facebook restaurant ads strategies is to create a menu profile that saves them time and frustration of the customers. No one is ready to browse through hundreds of menu lists and their photos by the time customers might search for another restaurant to have their dinner. Restaurants can add a menu to Facebook by uploading a pdf file to the menu.  Navigate to the newsfeed and the left side panel of the page under about click add a menu to upload image or pdf file. After upload completion, click confirm to view the menu.  Now your online customer can know what your restaurant offers, especially to the customers, and how you differ from the competitors. 2. Responding To Reviews Is Key To Facebook Marketing Success. About 60% of customers read restaurant reviews before having their dinner, and if your restaurant has no reviews, then customers suspect it is really worth moving in.  A newly opened restaurant will not have reviews, bu-t that does not mean you can compromise easily. The best way to get something from others is to ask for it, and most people forget to post a review. A Restauranteur must build their Facebook review section by thanking the customer for visiting the restaurant and invite them to provide reviews. Restaurants will not get a positive review every time, and the negative review will make them learn from the mistakes.  Always approach the reviews with a positive attitude and not too personal. Even though it is unfair, criticism handles them professionally, which helps you find a better future.  A calm and balanced approach to the Facebook reviews improves the trust over the restaurant and the care taken for the individual restaurant experience. Similar to the quotes, you can’t have the fruit without the roots. 3. Promote Your Restaurant's Facebook Page Through An Effective Ad Campaign Restaurateurs are often confused in selecting the best method of how to market a restaurant on Facebook. But Facebook understands more about the users exceeding the expectation, and the best part is that Facebook offers knowledge at a low cost.  A precisely targeted advertisement promotes the restaurant business to the right set of people who wish to view the advertisements. Location-Based Targeting Facebook targeting for restaurants first focuses on the targeting options to ensure that the advertisements reach the right set of people. For instance, if a restaurant does not wish to show ads to Australia, you can eliminate the marketing efforts, and for this reason, configure location targeting by specifying the restaurant zip code in Facebook’s Ad Manager platform.  2. Target People Most Likely To Dine With You Restaurant owners always think that the people nearby the restaurant location will refer to place the order with their restaurant. But that’s not the true scenario forever, and this puts a necessity on restaurants to focus on targeting people.  Location targeting concentrates on three categories such as demographics, interests, and behaviors.  Facebook lets restaurants target the ads based on age, user preferences, sex, and interests.  For example, restaurants can offer grilled chicken at half price for a couple of entries with a drink, encouraging the target audience to be happy.  You might have remembered the interest checkbox filled out during the registration process.  Facebook algorithms analyze the user interest and click performed by the user to support the restaurant owners to identify the interested customers for a particular ad.  3. Reach New Audiences With Lookalike Audiences Facebook targeting for restaurants offers a great option to expand reachability through a lookalike audience. When a restaurant needs to send more than 1000 emails, restaurants can target the customers with Facebook lookalike marketing.  Restaurants can upload 1000 customer email addresses into Facebook that defines the restaurant customer base to Facebook. By now, Facebook understands the restaurant preferences and looks for a similar type of audience by offering friend suggestions to connect with your restaurant. Administrate your lookalike audience on Facebook by following the steps. Go to Audiences and click the Create Audience dropdown by selecting the source.Select country to find similar users.Set the audience size through the slider.Click create the audience. Facebook will take 24 hours to create a LookAlike audience to gain worthy users. 4. Attract Customers With An Engaging Atmosphere Latest reports claim that 25% of restaurants failed as customers don’t feel the atmosphere is best to dine in.  A negative atmosphere spoils the customer's mood, and customers never recommend the restaurant to their friends even though restaurants serve delicious food with exceptional customer service. It is not essential that every time you post the food item or drinks,  you can even showcase the sexy space to tempt the customers to see the fabulous atmosphere. 6. Use Remarketing Strategy When a user views a restaurant advertisement, then decides to place an order, such that an advertisement contains 7 to 13 touchpoints of the brand.  Remarketing brings the customers to your restaurant door by re-engaging their daily basis.  Check your Facebook profile to find the people who have visited your restaurant profile and remarket the promotional ads to those users. 6. Create Fun Free Events To Entice New Customers About 99.9% of customers love to have free stuff, food, and drinks wholeheartedly.  Facebook marketing strategy for restaurants transforms as a pretty sweet combo when accompanied with fun events, theme nights, or seasonal offers. This approach helps to connect with the new customers and understand the restaurant's features.  Restaurants can create a themed background for valentine’s day, or mother’s day, or children’s day with colorful lights, and free entrance will guarantee to fill your restaurant cash counters. Make Your Final Move Now! Facebook advertising algorithms have undergone extensive changes over recent days, and it's essential to understand all these factors to improve customer engagement towards the restaurant post.  Instead of simply posting the restaurant image, restauranteurs must optimize the restaurant's Facebook business page, links, photos, and videos.  Whether you are a Facebook marketer running a campaign or a new user to  Facebook marketing strategy for restaurants, check out the Facebook marketing strategies to promote your restaurant business.

Push notification

October 26, 2021

How To Use Push Notifications As A Way To Increase Online Food Ordering

The ever-growing food ordering services move with fierce competition. So it becomes essential to step ahead to survive the business. Restaurateurs make use of social media channels for communicating with the customers about their restaurant information.  But over the years, people turn to look for effective means of communication channels with a cost-effective option. And this led to the push notifications being integrated into the online ordering systems.  Recent studies claim that an 18% higher open rate for push notifications than other communication channels. Restaurants can trigger the interest of the customer to place the order through push notification. What Is Push Notification? When you want to maintain a long-term relationship with the customers, push notifications are the right strategy to implement restaurant business promotion activities. Push notifications are either sent through email or short messages containing the link to the home page, which increases traffic. Regular customers and new customers get instant notification of the offers, discounts provided by the restaurant. Once the customer clicks the link present in the push notifications, the customer receives the complete details about the restaurant.  These notifications also remind them of their favorite foods, availability time, and the time of arrival.  Types Of Push Notifications A Simple Push Notification A simple way to inform a message to the restaurant customers with a push notification giving the offer information. For example, Get one medium pizza at half the rate by purchasing one big size pizza. Scheduled Push Notification Restaurateurs always plan offers, discounts based on festivals and occasions in advance.  Scheduled push notifications permit the restaurant owners to configure the date and time of the message sent to the customers during their offer planning phase.  They can also specify the offer period validity and on which day of the week offer is available for the customers. Scheduled notifications can inform the customers over the specified location when they reach or leave that place.  For example, the scheduled message can be in the following format as It's Tuesday today! Get your desserts at a half rate. Geo- Location-Based Push Notification This type of push notification allows setting virtual perimeters for geographical locations.  Notify the offers to the customers within the specific area. For example, you can send a geo-location-based message as our chefs thought to offer you a great feast on this festive occasion.  Targeted Push Notification   Restaurant owners have direct access to the customer relationship management tool, which permits them to assign push notifications based on the analysis of app behavior, customer likes, and dislikes.  Targeted messages include a personal touch with a notification to the customers, influence them to pay attention to the restaurant message, and triggers them to utilize the offer.  For example, you can send a targeted message as Hey! We know you love our strawberry milkshake. It's on the house this morning, especially for you. Taste your favorite drink today! Time-Bound Push notifications Send limited period offers with a message of offer ends soon and the limited sales period creates an urgency among the customers.  This type of notification triggers the interest of the customer to grab the opportunity immediately. Even though the offer is expired, it is essential to notify the customer that the offer is not valid to try some other time. Reminder Push Notifications Restaurant owners can remind their customers if they left their profile incomplete or customers have not placed the purchase order for the selected menu in the cart. This type of message reminds the customers that they should not miss the discount opportunities.  Reminder push notifications assist in turning out customers as loyal with the frequent touch of restaurant notifications.  How To Write Push Notification With Examples Limited Period Offer Push Notification1 You can announce the limited period offer of a return food item as you dreamed it. We dare it. A double chocolate layer cake is back- only until Feb 27th. Delivery Status Push Notification Customers can get an update of their food delivery status as Hi Tim! Just grab your order from Bros restaurant. So you'll have it soon. Season-Based Push Notification Climate-based or festive season-based offers are notified to the customers as pizza calls you. It wants you to know you don't have to weather this storm alone. Environment Based Push Notification Environment-triggered notifications such as traffic are light now, so it's the perfect time to grab the offer now. How do Push Notifications help to Increase Online Food Ordering? In recent days push notifications have turned out as a powerful digital marketing tool compared to email marketing. The average open rate ranges above 90%, which is higher than the open rate of emails that ranges only 23%. Push notifications increase the visibility of the restaurant among the customers.   Click-through rates improve the customer engagement rate along with the 92% high retention rate. Push notifications contain the link to the restaurant home page, which influences the customer to see the restaurant app active on their mobile and make more purchases.  Restaurateurs have viewed revenue increased 210% with the usage of push notification than the traditional email marketing.  Tips For Restaurant Marketing Using Push Notifications #1. Relevancy - When a restauranteur provides a tempting offer with push notifications, then it should reach the relevant customer, who is more interested in it. #2. Perfect Timing - The push notification should pop up at the right time to the customer's mobile app. Otherwise, the customer may opt for uninstallation. #3. Frequency - Restaurants can gain five-fold profit only when the push notifications get triggered in strategic intervals. Since when customers receive the push notification, it makes them feel irritated. So the proper gap between the current and previous push notifications is preserved by providing time for the customer to react to the offer.  #4. Symbolize your brand - Design the push notifications such that it resembles your restaurant image, which helps the customer recognize your restaurant among the competitors.   Conclusion  Push notifications transfer messages directly to the customer's mobile phones, which widens the online reachability that captures the lead forms, and customers subscribe to your service with a single click. We hope that these push notification strategies help in increasing online food ordering to a greater extent.

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