How Can Online Food Ordering Software Help To Boost Restaurant Sales?

Posted by Priya June 3, 2021 Online Ordering

How Can Online Food Ordering Software Help To Boost Restaurant Sales?

Restaurant owners always find ways to increase sales and make a profit.  Are you a restaurateur searching for an efficient method to increase sales? Here is your secret answer: restaurant online ordering system.

Over a few years back, customers often looked for the menu and location of the restaurant on a website. But the transformations in the digital world have increased customer expectations.

 A recent study reports that 41% of customers wish to order online from the restaurant.

A customized online ordering software supports customer convenience in placing food orders. At the same time, restaurant owners can process the orders in an effective manner.

Let us look at the essentials to own an online ordering software to boost restaurant sales.

Launch Online Ordering

The first step to increase restaurant sales is launching an online ordering software. Now restaurants owner can assign their staff to focus on customer service. Rather than spending time taking orders through phones.

Upload A New Menu

Restaurateurs can bring a new life to the menu with more choices to the customers. The food ordering mobile app provides a detailed menu description with cost details. With the updated menu, customers can easily navigate the food items. Select their favorite food within a few seconds and place an order with the restaurant.

Restaurants can change menus, events, or discounts through the online food ordering software. Restaurants can highlight a  menu either on one or two days of the week or twice a month. You can share the new menu on social media platforms to increase customer attention.

Accept Modifications

At times, a customer might like to order butter-coated chicken. Meanwhile, another customer wishes to order a thin layer of pizza. But the truth is not all the customers love the way the food arrives from the restaurant.

Online ordering systems enable the customer to alter the food orders. Now your customer receives a satisfying meal on every order.

Today customers look for a restaurant that accepts orders as per their wish.

Choose Delivery Or Pickup Options

A hungry customer looks for a restaurant that offers pickup or delivery service.  Customers can input the delivery address to receive the food. Restaurants can increase the demand for their food through delivery services.

Estimate The Order Pick Up Duration

Customers get the notification of the order pick-up time and delivery time in advance. Once the customer places an order, the restaurant can provide an order pick-up time through a mobile app. You can either provide a time range or the exact time of the order pick-up in orders and it offers a better online ordering experience to the customer.

Track Your Expenses Incurred In Real-time

Restaurants receive updated restaurant cash flow information in the dashboard.  Above all, the restaurateurs can track the cost of the food items ordered in the admin dashboard. Practicing on a daily basis will earn a handsome profit for the restaurant.

Now you can get the individual order translation that focuses on the total order amount.

Instant Push Notifications

Customers get instant push notifications of the offers, discount coupons, and events.  Food ordering systems allow restaurant owners to include the offer information in the push notification option. In this way, restaurants can increase sales even on a slow sales day.

Gain Better Customer Insights

Reports state that 60% of customers order food online within the last six months. Restaurants look for online ordering software not only for increasing profit. But also for valuable analytics reports and delivery boy earnings. Restaurants make use of customer data insights for advertising purposes. Thus it encourages your customers to return back to your restaurant again and again.

Built-in Loyalty Program

Restaurants can activate the coupon status and loyalty reward programs. Configure minimum target points of the customer to avail of the offer. With the refer friends option, customers can gain reward points. Depending on the total purchase amount of the friend, the customer gets the reward point. You can even offer percentage-based reward points credited to the customer’s wallet.

How To Choose Online Ordering System for Your Restaurant

Pick The Right Online Ordering Systems With Zero Commissions.

Running a business with zero profit is meaningless. But third-party delivery apps do the same for restaurants. Generally they take 20% to 30% revenue on every order. A wise idea is to look for a customized ordering software that relieves you from commission charges and has more features that support restaurant sales . Thus, restaurateurs have full control of their branding of the restaurant. Restaurants can access customer data directly without the help of third parties.

Advertise Online Ordering Systems To Encourage Customers’ Repetitive Sales.

Spread the promotions, offers, and discounts to the customers in a convincing approach. The referral program motivates the customers to earn loyalty points. Customers can introduce the restaurant mobile app to their friends through a unique referral link. When the friend places an order the customer and friend receive a reward point in their wallet.  The referral program set a win-win strategy between the restaurant and the brand.

Don’t Restrict Online Ordering To Websites.

Website promotions are not the only source point for a restaurant’s visibility. It also makes the restaurant identifiable by the customer through Google or Yelp. Avoid restricting yourself to selling the food items with restaurant websites alone. You will miss more food orders.  Restaurants can improve sales with commission-free food ordering software. Restaurants choose the food-ordering app based on goals and the customer expansion base.  Drive the loyalty programs to improve connection with customers to place repeated orders. 

Get Connected With A Right Technological Partner

You can simplify the process even more if you let your customers pay through your website. The ability to order and pay for food directly from a website or mobile apps will be welcomed by your customers.

Is there anything easier than this?

There is massive potential in the online ordering system, and you need to find ways to maximize it.

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