How To Design High Conversion Online Ordering Website Design To Increase Restaurant Sales

Posted by Priya October 11, 2021 Online Ordering

Online Ordering Website Design

Nowadays, customers search for a restaurant online to have their dinner, and they land on the website homepage. The restaurant website serves as the brand image of the restaurant that leads to a successful business. 

A unique website design that contains essential information such as menu description, working hours, location, and item availability time triggers the customer’s interest to place more orders. 

An online ordering software showcases the restaurant website features and directs more customers towards the restaurant website. Let us get into the few design ideas that improve restaurant sales to an unexpected level.

The Wireframe Ordering Experience

A wireframe serves as the visual workflow representation of the website or an app before the app launches. Wireframe helps to identify the issues encountered in the design or workflow. 

The Wireframe Ordering Experience

Restaurateurs utilize wireframes during the design phase and work with the UI/UX designer team to find out the errors that arise in the functionality of the online ordering system in future cases.

Easy Online Ordering Menu

Every customer who lands on the homepage of the restaurant first looks into the restaurant website design. A customer who plans for dinner or wishes to place an order online looks for menu categories arranged in logical order on the online food ordering website. 

A restaurant website must contain an order now button, which converts the visitors into customers.

Easy Online Ordering Menu

Place attractive images beside the menu items trigger the interest of the customer to order right there. 

Adding a customer feedback section on the website makes the customer feel that the restaurant management team considers the customer grievances and resolves them instantly.

Support Different Payment Methods

The food order of every customer differs from the other customer. Similarly, the customers can make their payments either through credit or debit cards or e-wallets. 

Henan modes are supported on the website.

Maintain Consistency In Website Design And Theme

A restaurant website functions as the virtual face of the online branding of the restaurant, which becomes essential to reflect in the theme and the design of the restaurant website. 

The website must promote the restaurant logo among the customers and follow a unique color scheme throughout the restaurant. 

Maintain Consistency In Website Design And Theme

When a restaurant owner creates an engaging restaurant website design, it assures a huge dividend profit amount, which mutually raises the online ROI value. 

Restaurateurs can also associate with the perfect digital agency partner for a creative presentation of the web design.

Categorize The Items

  Categorize the menu items based on the popularity and the profitability of the menu items. Grouping the menu items support the customer to understand the design of the online ordering restaurant website quickly and easily.

Categorize The Items

For example, if a restaurant offers Italian, Indian, and Russian menu items when the menu items are categorized, it enables the customer easy navigation of the food items as of their interest. 

Give Away Special Offers And Combo Discounts

A customer always looks for a great offer when they order a meal. Restaurants often provide discounts such as Get free delivery on your first order or Get the combo package for just 499. 

Restaurants can entice the customers by displaying the discounts and combo offers on the landing page. 

Add weekly special offers and dinner combo discounts as a separate section in the website, which is the right strategy to influence the customer to decide to place an order. 

When the customer views the offer and discounts on the website, it drives more revenue to the restaurant. A low sales day targeted with a happy hour offer brings more customers to increase the restaurant sales. 

Offer Comprehensive Menu Descriptions

The menu description helps the restaurant to sell an item. Thus, a short and sweet content description that states the key ingredients used in the menu given in a crisp format attracts the customers to understand the menu quickly. 

The use of descriptive wording and grammatical error-free content improves the understanding ability of the customer. 

Offer Comprehensive Menu Descriptions

Optimize Website For Mobile

 The fast-paced world has made customers search for restaurants on the go with mobile devices. Thus, design a mobile version of the restaurant website that presents concise messages with clear images devoid of overloading in the small display screen. 

Optimize Website For Mobile

Sometimes certain multimedia elements slow down the website loading time over the mobile. Optimizing the restaurant website over mobile devices helps to improve the overall look and feel of the website that assists the restaurant to receive more orders with increased usability.   

A/B Test Your Online Ordering Page  

A/B testing is considered a growth marketing technique to achieve success in your business. You can set a test for a featured banner or promotions and offers of your restaurant page to check the conversion rate of each element. 

A/B Test Your Online Ordering Page

Thus A/B testing compares two elements of a web page against each other to identify which page element performs better than the other one that drives more sales. 

Now your marketing efforts will turn out more profitable, which points out the critical problem areas that require optimization. 

Optimize Website To Improve Search Engine Ranking

A well-designed landing page that does not send traffic is pointless to market your restaurant. Optimizing your restaurant website for search engines helps high ranking in google and increase website visibility among the customers

Showcase Reviews And Testimonials

When you add reviews and testimonials to the website, it assists the customer in arriving decisions and increases the trust of the restaurant. A restaurant website with no review indicates a red flag to the customer about the service. 

A positive testimonial indicates a happy customer satisfied with the restaurant service, which turns the visitor into a loyal customer. Testimonials offer a chance for the customer to perform research on their own without a marketing strategy.

Showcase Reviews And Testimonials

Now It’s Your Turn

The success of your restaurant web page depends on multiple factors such as attractive images, well-structured content, quick loading time, and high responsiveness. 

Perform testing of the website over the various elements and find out which element works best for your restaurant.

Restaurant web design must follow simple, intuitive, and easy navigation that encourages the customers to know a little more about your restaurant. 

Thus the integrating online ordering platform helps to get more design ideas of the online ordering page with a CTA button directed to the restaurant page and improves marketing strategy.

A restaurant website should include different payment modes to increase customer convenience in the bottom line. The success of a landing page depends on the integration of contactless delivery paym

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