Ideas for Restaurant Interior Designs 2021

Posted by Priya June 23, 2021 Restaurant Marketing

Restaurant Interior Design

Restaurant design can be tricky.

Have you ever walked into a restaurant and felt like it was a little off? The booths were too small, or the tables were too close to one another? The solution for this is restaurant interior design. Online ordering systems offer great insight into restaurant reviews and ratings. Now you know about the likes and dislikes of the customer. Make the changes to your restaurant that are loveable by the customer.

You might be wondering how to design a restaurant that attracts customers. Here are restaurant interior design ideas that help you stand out from the crowd.

Restaurant Interior Design – Why Is It  Important?

Restaurant interior design ideas are a vital element to offer a unique appearance.  The appearance of the restaurant decides the restaurant’s branding. The first thing customers notice when entering your restaurant is the restaurant design. Here are the factors that make the restaurant interior design important.

  • Share your restaurant updates on Instagram with the support of restaurant interior design.  Promotional post entices more customers to your social media page. It also increases the follower list that expands the customer base.
  • Restaurant design directly affects customer psychology. A pleasant environment motivates the customer to place more orders and eat fast. 
  • If you think that a bright interior will impress the customers, then you will fail. Bright colors will divert the customer focus. The dining area of a restaurant should always have more natural lighting.
  • A unique interior design markets the restaurant to the target customers. People always love to view attractive designs.

Restaurant Interior Design Ideas

Steal The First Impression At The Restaurant Entrance

Welcome the customer at the entrance with digital signage with a dramatic entry. As the diners pass over the street, an attractive entrance is the first impression. It influences the customer’s walk into the restaurant. You can add a chandelier to the restaurant ambiance.

You can provide learning areas to comfort the guests when you don’t have enough sitting areas. Glass doors and windows help your customers to see through restaurant interior design. Design your restaurant entry differently with a shell-shaped or fish-shaped entrance. 

Concentrate On Restaurant Design Layout

 The restaurant layout is a fundamental design that turns the customer’s attention. You can make a small restaurant appear bigger by placing mirrors. Arrange the tables and chairs such that it appears spacious. Always make plans for extra seats during festive and special occasions. A larger outer area lets you conduct a huge crowd of birthday or wedding parties for the customer.

Fine dining offers better privacy to the customers by placing tables apart. You can attract more customers by setting a big display screen showing the news and games. For instance, You know that a pizza restaurant will not be the same as that of a fine dining restaurant. Customers expect a pizza shop more of a relaxed and casual space with a seating environment.

In recent days, open restaurant kitchen layouts gained popularity among customers. You can show how food prepared to the customers, maximizing the restaurant’s efficiency. Adding a bar will bring more customers to your restaurants. Customers can have a drink while they wait for the meal prepared.

Bring More Plants To The Indoor 

Update your dining space with more plants and flowers. Researchers state that plants improve the feelings and view of the restaurant space. A plant offers a lively and friendly atmosphere to the customer in any space. If budget permits, you change the fresh flowers and plant setup every week or once in two weeks. 

Modern restaurant interior design ideas use the vertical garden to give fresh look. The green herbs not only offer you a great look but also improves air quality inside the restaurant.

Create A Mood With Vibrant Colors

Colors serve as an effective medium in communicating various emotions. But that doesn’t mean colors bring you more orders. Why don’t you try and find out the benefits?

The popular gray shades remain as the warm tones that welcome and invite the diners to enjoy the meal. Gray and white colors remain the dominant colors for the past decades. But that’s not the case anymore. People have turn to look towards brown color, which triggers the hunger of the customer. Natural colors support the customers enjoy the meal and understand the brand value.

Decide the colors based on the restaurant type. Mostly browns and dark reds are used in steak houses and bars. Vegetarian cafes prefer to use woody browns and natural greens. Natural wood shades or blocks of stone are used in a Japanese restaurant.  Light pastel colors work well for the kids and family restaurants.  Brighter color with textures of natural wood matches the ethical restaurant’s appearance.  A constrained restaurant space projected with an expanded space uses white color. The best restaurant interior design ideas recommend red color for the fast-food restaurants.

Attractive Seating Arrangements

People often don’t focus much on restaurant seating.  Restaurants must have sufficient tables to accommodate customers even during busy hours.  Be aware that you don’t overload the space by dumping tables and chairs.  Besides everything, have a close look over the table spacing. Ensure that does not affect customer privacy.   The comfortability of the seat touches the customer psychology about your restaurant service. 

 Have you ever noticed that the coffee shops have heavy soft cushioned sofas? Yes, the comfortable sofa makes the customers stay for a long period.  When a customer spends more time with your restaurant they will obviously order more.  Choose the seating type as light to support fast eaters who don’t stay long. In addition, you can try decorative chairs from the antique shop to give a unique look. Repainting your existing chairs adds a fresh look to the restaurant.

Exoctic Lighting

Light plays an important role in creating the right ambiance in a restaurant. Whether it is a romantic dinner or a festive occasion, lighting plays a crucial role. Lighting must make the customer feel happy with how they appear. At the same time, lighting must clearly show the color of the food. Appetite stimulated with the appearance of the food. Customers can view the food clearly in proper lighting and ask for an extra cup of dessert. 

Take your restaurant food photos with appropriate lighting to share on social media. Customers will share impressive photos with their friends and relatives. You can even add flickering sconces for chandeliers to give a royal ambiance look.

Emphasize on theme

If you want to know about modern restaurant interior design, then start with an idea. Streamline restaurant decoration based on a theme. Use rattan chairs, tiled floors, and poster walls to add a new look to a French restaurant. An Italian restaurant can make use of painted pots and distressed woodworks.

If it’s a fine dining restaurant, use classy and subdued finishes. Chinese restaurants make use of simple and minimal design. You can also follow a theme such as a movie-themed cafe or truck placed in front of the entrance.

Implant Art Object In Ceiling

If you don’t consider modern restaurant interior design ideas, then you miss a lot. A well-crafted ceiling makes the customer feel more airy, voluminous, and comfortable. You can project constrained space restaurant into spacious by considering the ceiling plan. Use the same paint color for the ceiling and wall to make the area look bigger.

Try variant ceiling options such as wallpaper or tin tiles. A heavy work ceiling influences the customer to view the decoration. If you thought to spend more on the ceiling, you can add light to the ceiling and walls. Select dark colors for the ceiling that offers an intimate restaurant setting.

Make Use Of Mix And Match Furniture

Mix and match furniture offer a homely feel to the customers. Proper execution of the furniture set up draws the most attention of the customers. You can even add wood furniture that relates the customer with the home appearance. It impacts the customer to plan more visits to the restaurant. A handcrafted furniture design idea helps you share pictures on social media platforms.

Have A Look Into Your Bathroom Design

A spotless bathroom with a nice smell will always earn the good respect of customers. Add decorations to the bathroom by moving the extra mile. Tissues, hand wash, and mirror frames in the bathroom state the care taken by the restaurant. If you want to offer a luxurious finish to the bathrooms, then use marble or stone. Give a better reflection to your bathrooms with Brass and nickel. 

Have A Look Into Your Bathroom Design

Add A Pleasant Smell To The Atmosphere

Do you believe the smell earns you restaurant profit? Yes, it’s truly a pleasant smell that always pulls the customer into the restaurant. According to the study, scents have increased food sales by 300%. So it is essential to include them in restaurant interior design. 

 You can float some smell in the kitchen to trigger the appetite. Customers love to see what happens inside the open restaurant kitchen. Use different scent flavors to drag different emotions in people.  

Add A Pleasant Smell To The Atmosphere

Reduce the customer stress and relax their mind using Lavender and chamomile flavors. Add a baked bread flavor to the bakery or a restaurant dessert section that offers a home feeling. A peppermint or cucumber flavor makes the customers feel fresh. You can even use scented candles that offer light and perfume to your place.

Typography And Bold Exterior Wall Arts

Over the past few years, typography extended hands over the restaurant interior design. Fill your restaurant walls with bold letters, images, and charts. Today diners chase neon signs hang over brick porcelain tile the restaurant. New customers and tourists love to take selfies with enticing typos. 

Curated arts improve the overall interior design and add texture to the space. Hire a local artist to create a mural for restaurant exterior walls. Now your customer not only likes to share restaurant food pictures but also murals. Share the wall images on Instagram with a location tag to drive more customers. 


Restaurant owners often ignore restaurant interior design ideas. But it is worth investing in to improve restaurant marketing and sales. Configure a  creative tone, vibe to create a better restaurant interior design. Design a space with enticing furniture, cutlery, and table coverings. In this way, the customer returns back every time to view the decorations.

Elevate your food business with an optimal selection of color and design choices.  Thus restaurant interior design ideas help you gain more customers by increasing sales.

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