Restaurant Email Marketing Best Practices

Posted by Priya August 16, 2021 Online Ordering

Restaurant Email Marketing

Today customers receive hundreds of promotional emails in a month. Generally, customers either archive the email in bulk or directly delete the uninteresting emails. So email opening rate depends on the customer’s attention over the marketing emails.

Would you like your restaurant email to not be treated as spam? Just follow these best practices of email marketing to achieve your sales goals.

Make Use Of Online Ordering Software

Restaurants can directly access the customer’s email id with the use of a food ordering app. Thus restaurants can send their offers, promotions without the support of third-party aggregators.

Create an email list easily with the online food ordering system. So that the restaurants can send an email on special occasions or events.

Write a Personalized Message

Customers often opt for a restaurant dinner to celebrate their loved one’s birthday. One of the best restaurant email marketing strategies is to sending an email to the customer. You can remind that the birthday is nearby and it is time to celebrate the eve with the restaurant.

Restaurants can send personalized anniversary days or valentine’s day wishes. Diners prefer their favorite restaurant to spend a wonderful evening with their love mates.

Promote Special Deals

Seasonal promotions and weekly deals are never a missing restaurant email marketing strategy. But that does not mean you should send emails to the subscribers every second day.

A good rule of thumb is to send one email per week. But there are exceptions on holidays such as Thanksgiving, valentine’s day, new year’s eve day, and Christmas. These days provide you the chance to send more emails to the customers.

Offering Coupons In Email

Restaurants can promote specific products to customers at an exclusive price. Marketers focus on the email followers first, by sending email coupons or vouchers. This type of offer assists restaurants identify frequent purchases of the customer.

Few restaurants offer subscription-based coupon offers. For example, get 30 dollars off on your first meal delivery. You can also offer 20 dollars off for the order 150 dollars purchase. This type of discount will bring more customers to your restaurant.

Email coupons encourage the customer to make use of the coupon immediately to grab the offer. Restaurant email marketing increases the ROI by providing flat discount gift cards on their next purchase. This approach influences the new customer to place orders repeatedly.

Announcing New Menu Items

Launch a new menu by sending an email to the subscribers by highlighting the specialties of the new dish. You can also show how the creative idea arrived, and why customers must try the new menu.

Restaurants can even introduce seasonal new menus utilizing local seasonal products. Purchase the fruits and vegetables from local farmers.

Send Emails At The Best Times

Generally, the opening rate of the promotional emails ranges high during the weekends. Restaurants can send marketing emails earlier in the morning. As the customers intend to open the mail in a fresh morning.

If a promotional email has to reach a wide range of audiences, then schedule the email on Tuesday. You can achieve the highest opening rate, and the second day to opt for email sending is Thursday.

Define Your Ideal Email Frequency

Never send a restaurant email to the customer with long gap durations. It annoys the customer due to the inconsistent restaurant marketing strategy. So always send an email with predictable gaps and a comfortable schedule.

A survey says 87% of customers like to receive emails from the restaurant once a month. Restaurants can retain customers by sending 3 to 4 emails every month.

Email opening rate not only depends on the email frequency in restaurant marketing. But also the time and the day of the email transmitted decides the opening rate of the email.

More than 12 EMS companies report that early Tuesday mornings and Thursdays have a high open-rate. Marketing experts prefer both these days as the best time to send marketing emails.

Make People Hungry by Adding Images to Email

Restaurant owners must include food images in their emails. Mouth-watering images generally attract customers’ attention. Photos help restaurants to illustrate a topic or special event. In this way, you create an eagerness about events yet to come or a food feast enjoyed by the customer over the past.

Launching a new food item with a sizzling photo triggers the hunger of the customer. Thus, the customer can understand the uniqueness of the restaurant among the competitors.

Use A Responsive Email Template Design

Write an email structured with the body content stating your message goal. Choose the best location for call-to-action in the email. Marketing experts say that too many CTAs in a single email will confuse the customer that leads to a low open rate. Make use of contrast colors for CTA to differentiate from the other text.

Restaurants can send an email containing the offers over the ice-creams. For instance “Rush our special flavored ice-creams running out! Grab the offer while it’s chill…”. Place the CTA button at the end of the message to check the other restaurant menus. You can also redirect to the online ordering system.

The call-to-action must clarify the customer’s doubts. Prepare the subject line of the email with high readability.

Nurture Loyal Customers

Do you wish to improve sales through a loyalty program or marketing campaign? Email marketing is the right strategy that works for you. Add monthly special offers and the restaurant loyalty event updates in an email. So that the customer never misses out on a single deal.

Increase customer engagement by combining the efforts of the loyalty program and email marketing.

Combined efforts of the customer loyalty program and email marketing improve customer engagement.

Write  Email In First Or Second Person Perspective Based On The Context.

Write the emails in the first-person perspective rather than addressing them in terms of the company. Talks about the offers and discounts in the second perspective. It helps the customer understand their needs directly.

You can state your restaurant specialties.  For example, I am glad to inform you that Brown restaurant is renovated with a new design and backdrop. Experience the first-class service with our restaurant.

Restaurateurs can write about the offers in the second-person perspective. For instance, you can promote offers as “Your Double cheese pizza is waiting for your bite! Place order now!”.

Restaurateurs must write the emails in the first or second person. In this way, it enables the customer to feel the care of the actual person towards their hunger. In this way, it increases the number of customer email replies and improves restaurant communication.

Final Words

Restaurant email marketing strategy is an effective marketing channel to grow the customers. You can nurture them on an ongoing basis to achieve maximum marketing outcomes.

A digital marketing plan for a restaurant starts by following the best practices of email marketing. It earns the best returns under the fixed restaurant marketing budget.

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