Restaurant Mobile App Promotion Checklist

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Restaurant Mobile App Promotion Checklist

As a restaurant owner, it is essential to know things about the online presence. There are numerous techniques available to raise the restaurant’s profit margin. Every restaurant wishes to bring more customers to increase sales. 

Develop a customized online ordering application and encourage the customers to download the app. Download incentives can help you gain visibility and customer loyalty. The users who have downloaded are more likely to place orders than without the app.  An online food ordering software offers a better customer experience. Moreover, it streamlines the restaurant activities increasing profitability. This article will tell you the checklist for restaurant mobile app promotion.  

Why Should You Have Your Own Mobile Ordering App?

Restaurant and food companies have utilized technology solutions to improve performance, quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction. You can benefit from having an online presence for your restaurant business in several ways in addition.

Location-Based Marketing

When your app functions with location-based services, you can send location-based offers. Instant push notifications inform you of the attractive offers during mealtime. Location-based promotions not only inform the customers.  But also a personalized approach directing the customer to the restaurant’s front door.

Improves Social Interaction And Brand Recognition

Designing a good app enables the customer to relate to your restaurant for good food. Once they have experienced delicious food and exceptional customer service they are more likely to refer your restaurant to their friends and relatives. People will tag your restaurant on social media platforms and will increase the total number of downloads. Getting feedback from customers promotes your restaurant like a wildfire among the users.

Due to this, people nowadays check restaurant ratings and reviews on various websites and mobile applications, before deciding whether to eat at that restaurant or not. A well-rated website increases the chances of more customers visiting the page. With Instagram, marketing customers can tag your restaurant picture serving as free branding. You can easily visualize your customers turning down as brand ambassadors.

In-depth Business Insights With  Improved ROI

Online ordering software comprises predefined functions that help in tracking the business too closely. You can also know which dishes gain more profit on the busiest day of the restaurant. When you get a negative review, you can identify the non-popular dishes. Now you can work into the details to resolve the problems. The expenditure, peak hours, and performance of sales assist in pushing your restaurant business to the next level.

Cost Reduction And Alignment Of Processes

You may wonder what online food ordering systems do for your restaurant business? Well, customers can easily access the menu and introduce new menu items. You can visualize the increase in employee productivity and automate the entire business process. No chance for error occurrence in order processing. Since it is an automated system you are out of printing charges that saves your restaurant expenses.

Increases The Customer Trust And Communication

A   food ordering app not only improves online sales but it increases overall sales. Reviews about your restaurant raise online visibility and brand awareness among the customers. Changes in the menu and events are quickly notified to the customers through the app.

Personalized Marketing Channel

Integrate your restaurant with an app that allows digital marketers to access customer information directly without the interruption of third-party aggregators. Every customer information is collected from sessions, which is used to improve the marketing campaigns. Besides enabling your marketers to deliver content to users more effectively than other traditional marketing channels once they have all the data they need, an app also provides you with an easy way to share content with them.

Social Media Advertising

Social media marketing offers you several avenues to promote restaurants. 92 % of promoters use social media as a promotional channel. Advertise the restaurant events, offers, and discounts on social media platforms. Instagram remains a great platform to share menu pictures and restaurant special events.  Twitter restricts the number of characters in the post. To specify the website link or menu in the post to entice more customers. Create innovative content that steals the eyeballs of the customer. Improve brand recognition with an authoritative command. Customers often prefer restaurants offering importance to customer interaction and feedback.        

Build A Landing Page

It is crucial to have a website before you launch your mobile app. Present your app information on a normal landing page that is appealing. Integrate social media channels and a time to let users know when the services are available. Requesting your visitors for their email addresses is also a good idea. The first step is to create a landing page. Your website must generate targeted traffic. You can divert your audiences from your main website by positioning your app and your landing page. Create awareness and boom for your restaurant business through landing pages.

Make A Teaser Video For Your App

Restaurant owners often look for a spark to connect with the customer. Link the app teaser to the landing page to trigger the interest of the customer when the app is launched. Customers will also have an idea about exploring the restaurant ordering app. You can also upload the video on video promotional sites like Youtube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion.

Optimization Of The App Store

App store optimization is not an easy thing to overlook. ASO functionalities differ from conventional search engine optimization. The ranking of an app in the Google play store and Apple play store depends on various factors. A few of the factors are keywords, video, ratings, keyword-optimized, and quality screenshots.

Submit App To Editors

You can promote the app in the app listing sites which publish the app in monthly and weekly editions.  Approach the review sites to promote your app idea to the customers. Generally, these apps get the app name, description of the app, promo codes, and app icon. There are paid sites listing the app that helps in supporting the app promotion.

Take The Advantage Of Content Marketing

Hire an experienced writer to prepare the content for the website and restaurant app-related stuff. The writer must update the technical knowledge every day. This will help to prepare an interesting article for your restaurant. You can also find third-party promotion sites and write restaurant guest posts.

Email Marketing

Restaurants make use of Email marketing to build a customer base. It helps in sustaining the customers with increased loyalty. You must send regular emails to the customers. So that the customers remember about the restaurant whenever they open your restaurant email. In recent days, restaurants allocate a reasonable budget for email marketing for restaurants. It ensures increased revenue generation.

Establish Relationships With Customers

 Building a relationship with the customer is always the best way to promote apps. You can also promote the app across platforms to distinguish your restaurant from others.

Partner Up With Influencers

A restaurant is a community-based business that needs to influence the people. Get the contact of customers and inform them about the app launch. You can also request the customers to offer word-of-mouth advertising for the restaurant.

Utilize Push Notifications

The restaurant app’s success depends on how often the diners utilize the app. Push notifications are a powerful tool because of the opt-in and click-through rates. Customers get instant push notifications about the offers, events, and discounts about the restaurant. You can drive more new orders by announcing the new dish with an offer price through push notifications. Create a brand experience by showcasing the logo and restaurant events by using the online food ordering app.

Run App Only Promotions

Restaurants must offer powerful marketing techniques to download the app. One-time discounts promote the app with a broad customer base. Even a free first-time order delivery will raise the brand awareness of the app among customers. More than half the population across the globe, downloads at least one app every day to place food orders and groceries.  This might make the app stand out from competitors. Today, the majority of restaurant apps offer first-time discounts and increase customer downloads.    

Promotional Cards And Signs

You can promote your restaurant activities not only in the app but also in offline mode. You can also announce app-only offers by including promotion cards in the food packages. In this way, your customers place orders again and again. This strategy is considered an effective method in converting orders arriving through third-party sites. 
Place digital signboards at the front of the restaurant and it creates awareness among the customers. Train restaurant staff to introduce the app to the customers in person. Restaurant employees are the best representatives who speak about your restaurant and app to the customers.

Check Out The Wise Word

Mobile apps have turned out to be revolutionary in the food and restaurant industry. Regardless of restaurant owner,  foodie customer, delivery person, or mobile app developer. Food ordering apps open up numerous opportunities for restaurant business development.       

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