Restaurant newsletters: 14 ideas that convert and engage

Posted by Priya August 23, 2021 Restaurant Marketing

Restaurant Newsletter Ideas

About 58% of adults check their email before getting up for the day. Make sure they’re reading yours.

Social media marketing has expanded its roots to a great extent. But it has not replaced direct email marketing. You can reach out to your customers with email marketing. However, it remains one of the most effective methods, offering a highly effective customer contact rate.

Restaurateurs can create better emails with a diverse collection of tools. Drag and drop tools support easy email update and sending. You should do some research, try some free trials and find the one that works best for you, your business, and your budget.

In this post, we will discuss how to create a restaurant newsletter.

1. How To Build Restaurant Newsletter Template

Design a template for your restaurant to promote the brand. It enables the customer to identify the email from their favorite restaurant.

Create a master template for the restaurant newsletter. Add the logo and colors matching the restaurant theme. Let us check out the few tips for creating a restaurant newsletter template.

  • Choose color themes for the newsletter that aligns with the restaurant website. Place the restaurant logo at the top right corner. A reader can instantly identify the restaurant email newsletter.
  • Template styles for the restaurant newsletter must highlight the text blocks. Feature the newsletter with images to draw the attention of more customers.
  • Optimize the email newsletter that looks perfect even for mobile users. Choose mobile-optimized templates and images for the newsletter. Templates influence the customer to open the email and read the email.
  • Decide the number of content blocks for the newsletter. So that you can pick the right template for the placement of information to convey to the customers.

2. Create A Newsletter Plan  

Restaurants with upfront planning pave a way to go ahead, whether to publish a newsletter or make changes to the existing newsletter. Design layouts that cover the various events, recipes, and contexts of the restaurant. Check out the best methods for planning the newsletter.

3. Why Do You Publish A Newsletter?

Restaurants use newsletters for various restaurant marketing purposes. Publish new recipes or new offers or discounts, or special events in the newsletters. This process organizes a newsletter and publishes it over a consistent duration. Newsletters boost customer engagement with the restaurant.

Spice up the newsletter by posting information about customer testimonials. You can even publish profiles of restaurant staff and their skills. Restaurateurs must decide the newsletter content. Always place the call to action in the right position in the newsletter.

4. How Often Will You Send It?

Schedule the newsletter frequency either weekly or monthly. Consider the factors newsletter purpose, audience, content length, and message type. Most restaurants prefer to send newsletters on Monday to get a high response rate. But after a weekend, promotional emails flooded over every customer inbox.

So restaurants must send their email newsletters on Tuesdays or Thursdays. Restaurants choose these two days to reach the target customers. As the customers can find time to open the mail of the restaurant.

Newsletter for restaurants before the noontime works has a 47% email opening rate. Restaurants can send newsletters at the month beginning to focus on the millennials. Since the customers are likely to spend more on food orders after receiving the salary.

5. Restaurant Newsletter Ideas

Discounts And Promotions

Make your restaurant brand visible through special offers and discounts. A restaurant can offer an exclusive discount to newsletter subscribers. Customers must feel happy about the subscription to the restaurant newsletter. Thus customers inform their friends that increase the subscription list. Offers may fall under the online or in-store category.

For example, in an online redeem offer restaurateurs,  can provide a call to action button like “Redeem offer today” or “Claim discount now!”. These offers encourage the customer to avail of food discounts with a single click.

Add coupons to the email newsletter to make it interesting. It facilitates the restaurant to track the opening rate of the email. You can also find out the number of customers who utilize the offers. Restaurateurs can easily identify the best offers preferred by the customers. Thus your customers will return to your restaurant again and again.

Menus With Fewer Options Or Seasonal Menus

Restaurants may offer few dishes for a limited period. Prepare menu according to the seasonal availability of fruits and vegetables. You can fix the menu pricing based on seasons. Promote the limited-time food dishes on the website or the social media platform.

Through many modes of approaches available, the restaurant newsletter is the right source. Customers never miss even a single deal by creating a newsletter.

Advertise the limited menu with short and simple text content. Customers can easily understand the content.

Promote the seasonal menus with thematic images stating the holidays or seasons. Celebrate a Halloween day publicized with a pumpkin decorated. Customers always love to entice to see something new to the occasion.

Add New Menu Items

Email newsletters offer a great way to inform promotional offers and discounts. Customers get instant notification of the menu items. Restaurants can change the menu to influence the customer to have an idea to try the new dishes.

Restaurants can also provide the post link of the menu preparation procedure. Newsletters redirect the customer to the landing page or restaurant app. Add a call to action at the end of the newsletter, such as “Click to order the delicious food now!” or “Read more about the restaurant services”

Reservations For Events

Conducting special events in restaurants is an unavoidable occurrence. Entertain customers on thanksgiving dinner, national beer day, or an ice-cream day. Email newsletters tell the upcoming events along with new menu items. Latest restaurant events engage more customers.

Newsletters serve as virtual invitations for the customer to participate in the event. Place a call to action button so that the customers can reserve the table. Add a tagline to the CTA as “steal the deal today” or “reserve your seat now”

Sellar Reviews

In recent days, 94% of customers place orders only by checking out the reviews online. Immediate response to restaurant reviews increases interactivity between customers and the restaurant. 

Reviews help to convince the customer with a positive approach. Gather the best customer reviews about your restaurant. Transform reviews into a newsletter to provide discounts to the subscribers.

Increase the restaurant’s credibility and place a CTA button in the right position. This supports the customers to leave a positive review about restaurant service. Restaurants can post images on social media platforms.

Chef’s Secret Recipes

A newsletter with a secret recipe tempering the customer interest. Newsletter grabs the attention of the subscriber. A secret recipe may be a soup or veggie roll or even a dessert. Customers always exciting to look for something special to feed their hunger.

Newsletters are the right medium to share a chef’s secret recipe or a favorite recipe. Now the subscriber receives immediate notification of the special items of the restaurant.

Newsletter increases the traffic to the restaurant website. You can link the customers to the social media platform pages to turn them into regular visitors.

Encourage the subscribers to share the secret recipes. Promote the recipes with tags over social media platforms. Posts inform the recreation of the recipe expanding the customer’s reachability.

A restaurant can use a newsletter to give the YouTube link to the recipes. A preview image triggers the customer’s interest to view what is new with the secret recipe.

Introduce New Features And Services

Restaurants can inform about new changes with the website. You can also notify new features of the restaurant. Anything new stimulates the customer’s interest to go through the newsletter.

For example, restaurants can conduct a magic show to entertain customers. So customers don’t feel waiting time bored during their food arrival time. Restaurants can launch an online ordering facility through newsletters.

Gifts For A Birthday

Restaurant newsletter ideas are an effective way to reward the customers on their birthday. Few restaurants rely upon automated tools to send an automated birthday email. Instead of automated tools restaurants can implement online ordering systems. The food ordering app maintains the complete data of the customer along with the birth date. Restaurants can wish the customer on time with a gift that helps to turn out as a loyal customer.

Offer a gift that is redeemable online or in person. Gifts can range from a discount coupon to or a free meal or a free drink. Share the offers with the tag “Celebrate your birthday with a free drink” or “Your birthday gift awaits for you” or “Redeem today”

Giveaways And Contests

Conduct contests or giveaways either weekly or monthly to drive the restaurant in a positive direction.  Contests will improve brand recognition among customers that raises customer engagement.

Restaurants can decide the offer validity based on the type of contest. You can provide offers for all customers or only for newsletter subscribers.

Email Newsletters for Restaurants must contain detailed contest instructions with a direct link. Customers can directly sign up and participate in the contest to grab the offers.

Conduct a contest, on valentine’s day or restaurant anniversary day, to make the day special. Couples and customers express more interest to visit the restaurant with sweet memories.

Highlights Of Employees

Restaurant newsletter ideas pave the way to convey the restaurant staff profiles. Now the customers can know better about the staff who work for them. Newsletter improves more connectivity between the restaurant and employee.

Craft the email by choosing the right story frame with an attractive subject line. Enticing subject lines encourage the subscriber to read more along with buttons. When the user clicks through the email it redirects to the restaurant home page.

Restaurateurs can add stories of the chef’s secret recipes. They can also provide YouTube or Instagram links for full vlogs or recipes. Regular reading and viewing of the restaurant information improve the restaurant service trust.

An email newsletter can highlight an employee of the month for achieving sales goals. Thus, the newsletter subscribers will understand the employee skills. Customers can opt for a particular employee to experience great service.

Recipe Of The Month

Highlight different food items every month with mouth-watering images. Minimal text triggers the customer’s desire to taste it first. Add click to the order button in the newsletter that directly lands on the place order page.

Online ordering systems highlight the monthly special dish. Restaurant owners can get the number of customer orders for the current month. Online Ordering System guides the remaining customer to place orders quickly. It eliminates the need to search from the list.

Updates On Business

Every restaurant business undergoes changes over the years. Restaurateurs can use restaurant newsletter ideas to inform a new restaurant opening. You can also announce the restaurant’s upgrade. Add interesting information to the newsletter along with the photos. Update the new location of the restaurant.

Restaurateurs can also use the newsletter to inform the restaurant business update information. For instance,  announce a well-known chef becoming a part of the restaurant team. So that the customers expect for the most delicious dishes delivery.


A newsletter is considered the best way to connect with customers. Delight the customers with exciting offers using newsletters. Design the newsletter using the right selection of templates catching the customer’s attention. A perfect template increases the engagement towards the email. 

Restaurants can follow these restaurant newsletter ideas to transform their newsletter responsive. Newsletters increase the sales conversions of the restaurant.

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