Online Ordering System For Restaurants
Ytock lets you set up a customized online ordering software for your restaurant within a few minutes.
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Customer Order

Customers can search for their favorite food through an online ordering app. Ensures speed and secured food delivery at the customer’s step.

Track The Order In Real-time

Branded online ordering app tracks the food order placed by the customer. Customers and restaurants receive notifications from the food ordering app. Get rid of delivery delays.

Integration of Payment Gateways

Multiple payment gateways support the customer to make payments through wallets and cards with enhanced security.

Delivery App

Power Up Your Delivery Team With A User-centered Interface

Order Notification

The online order system instantly notifies the delivery boy about the customer order.

Auto-Assign Of Delivery Boy

A customer places an order through the restaurant's ordering system. Delivery boys are assigned food orders according to their GPS location.

Earning And Order Transaction Reports

Delivery boys can view the number of order transactions and revenue earned on every food order with statistics.

Streamline Your Restaurant Activities With A Branded Online Ordering App

Online Ordering Software Admin Dashboard

Manage Menus Simple

Easy-to-use admin options support managing your restaurant's online menu. Modify the menu items and prices with few clicks.

Performance Monitoring

Online ordering system tracks successful food deliveries, canceled orders, and customer ratings. Performance metrics assist you in driving the restaurant's performance.

Sales and Analysis Reports

Get the insights of restaurant sales reports that find opportunities to develop restaurant business.

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Why Choose Ytock?

Stay ahead of the competition with the intuitive online ordering system.


Reduce commission charges on every order by using your own online food ordering system.

Web Ordering & Mobile Apps

You can add a food ordering app, delivery app, and restaurant website to your restaurant business.

Own Brand

Your brand logo and images will appear on the food ordering platform, personalizing the experience for your customers.

Simple Setup Process

Sign up and design the online menu for your restaurant. Plan your delivery zones with ease and start getting more orders for your restaurant.

Retain Your Customers

Providing loyalty points and advanced coupons to your customers will enable them to make repeated purchases.

Premium Customer Support

Branded online ordering app guarantees first-class customer service over sales round the clock.

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Optimize Your Restaurant Business With The Online Ordering System Technology

Optimization Of Routes
Optimization Of Routes

Automated route planner reduces delivery costs and saves food delivery time. Optimize routes to deliver more food orders to satisfy the customers.

Manage Customers
Manage Customers

Administrate the customer data under the single roof of a branded online ordering app. Order history extends a long-term relationship with customers.

Push Notifications
Push Notifications

Instant push notification notifies the restaurant owners when the customer places the order. Restaurants can notify the offers, discounts, and promotions instantly.

Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation

With automation options for sending messages and push notifications, you can engage customers and save time. Strengthens the customer relationship and increases loyal customers.

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software for the restaurant.

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