Category Management

Category management present in the left side panel containing Add item category and Manage item category.

Add Item Category
  • Enter the category name in the text box and click the save button followed by a flash message Insert successfully displaying the list elements.

Manage Item Category
  • This section gives the category name, sub-categories, and the list of operations performed over the category.

  • Edit - You can edit the category name and click the update button redirects to the item category management page with a flash message updated successfully.

  • Block - Select the category you wish to block by ticking the checkbox, and click the block button, which flashes a message Blocked successfully.

  • Unblock - You can add the blocked element into the list by clicking the unblock button, which flashes a message unblock successfully.

  • Delete - Deletes the element from the list.

  • Import - Click the Import button that pops up the Import CSV file dialog box and select file by clicking choose file. Click the submit button to import the file.

  • Download list - It permits downloading the excel file containing the categories, sub-categories, and status of the element.